Single Red Rose

by kzbuckedoff [Reviews - 9]

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  • Het, Romance

Author's Notes:
This story is now completed! Hope you enjoyed it! I loved writing it so much that I have started on a sequel – so keep your eyes peeled! ;)

I miss you.

Those words echoed through her mind, over and over. Making her heart beat harder as she stared at him for a minute that seemed like an hour.

But as soon as those words had erupted from his mouth, her heart had made its decision.

“I’ve missed you too, Owen.”

She closed the distance between them, lips pressed together for a fleeting moment before he pulled away to look up at him, to try and read the expression on his face.


He was stunned. She hadn’t rejected him. Hadn’t walked away.

His lips tingled as she drew away to look up at him, and he sensed that she wanted to say something.

“You have to understand, Owen… I love Rhys. I can’t leave him.”

Owen nodded. It didn’t mean he liked it, didn’t mean he wouldn’t feel jealousy rising when he knew that they were together, but he could bear it. Just.

“And I have one question.”

Owen gazed at her questioningly. “What?”

“Did you love Diane?” It was spoken softly, so softly he almost had to strain to hear it. So she had known. Not that it was any surprise.

“Yes. I loved her.” He answered her truthfully. She knew the answer already; just wanted to hear it confirmed.

“So you have to understand why I can’t leave Rhys. You loved Diane like I love him. You wouldn’t have left her for me, I know that. And I understand, because Rhys is my life and I love him. But you…” She paused, her eyes searching his. “You get into my thoughts when I don’t want you there. I think of the things you do to me. I think of what you make me feel. And suddenly… it’s like nothing else matters.”

And Owen pressed her back to the wall, capturing her mouth as he kissed her with a hunger. And as soon as he’d done it, he’d pulled away, his face hovering mere inches from hers.

“Love you too, Gwen…”