by BellaGwen [Reviews - 9]

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  • All Ages
  • Swearing
  • Angst, Het, Slash

1. Trapped [Reviews - 2] (3180 words)
Disclaimer: Torchwood does not belong to me, I'm just having some not for profit fun.

2. Confrontation [Reviews - 1] (3235 words)
A part two that I hadn't originally planned. But the plot was rattling around in my head.

3. Extra Bits [Reviews - 1] (1939 words)
This chapter is two bits really. The first bit is a missing scene from chapter two that some people were calling for, JackIanto. PWP.
The second bit is Gwen and Rhys and the morning after chapter two.

4. What Now? [Reviews - 1] (1528 words)
Gwen is in turmoil. Owen is an arse. What happens now?

5. Run Away [Reviews - 2] (2402 words)
It all gets too much for Gwen. Can she make the choice?

6. Torn Asunder [Reviews - 2] (5390 words)
This is it! The end! The final chapter! And as a special twist/treat I have written two endings! Fluff or angst? You decide!