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The Doctor remained where he was, sat with his knees drawn up to his chin, shrouded by numerous items of clothing that were hung and thrown, piled up around him. An excessively long, multi-coloured scarf snaked it's way round the rails, and had been a focal point for his attention whilst trying to distract himself from the reality of what he'd just done and what was happening.
When she didn't answer, he couldn't help but feel slightly concerned as to whether she'd gotten herself lost in his wardrobe, or most likely, hadn't heard him.

"Rose?" He called a little louder, though his voice was still quite shaky. Silently, he cursed himself for being so pathetic.

"Time Lord indeed..."

Pulling his jacket closer around him, he shuffled nervously as he could clearly hear her footsteps upon the grating that floored this level.

He really shouldn't be behaving like this, if anything, it should be Rose who was hiding right now, not that he'd want her to. He just wasn't used to the lack of control Rose seemed to impose upon him whenever she was near.
It was new, completely new, and for a nine-hundred-year-old Gallifreyan it came as one hell of a shock. Given, he hadn't been like the rest of his people, and his behaviour was probably a lot more human than he would like, owing to his "adoption" of Earth, but even still, he was adamant to keep up that small division between species; that even if he looked like them, he wasn't human, wasn't domestic.
He didn't think like them, didn't behave like them - most of the time - , didn't have the same obsessions, needs or drives as the majority of them...he was the last of the Time Lords...

And with that thought, the lonliness that had gradually been fading since Rose's arrival, struck back at him with a violent sting; a stab at both his hearts, only increasing his need for her...reassurance that he wasn't alone...frightened...

He panicked.

Where was she?!
Where was Rose?!
Her footsteps had stopped, and he could no longer hear her.
"Oh Rassilon!"
What had he done?!

"ROSE?!" His cry revealing all that had been running through his mind during his "escape" attempts.
He didn't mean for it to sound that way, however, it was probably a god thing that it had, he later speculated.

A brown pin-striped suit reached out and took hold of his hand, giving it a tight, yet comforting squeeze.
It almost gave him a double-heart attack.
He looked to his left and gave the hand a gentle tug, pulling it through the rails and out for behind the suit, revealing a rather beautiful, apprehensive Rose.

It was obvious she'd been quite ruffled by his previous actions, which he personally found inexcusably wrong.
To kiss her and run away like that...
He could see he had hurt her...the one thing he'd promised not to do.

Shifting onto his knees, he reached up and held out his other had, his eyes asking for him; he didn't need words right then...she knew.
She always did.

Her hand slipped into his, fitted perfectly into the empty space of his palm, and slowly, she lowered herself down to kneel just as he was.
Their gazes met...hearts warmed...and through the silence, all was forgiven.
She understood.
Somehow...she understood why he had to do what he had.

"Rose..." His voice just a whisper compared to what it had been just a few minutes ago.
"Ssssh..." She hushed him like a mother would do a restless child, and as strange as it should've seemed...it just didn't...it felt right.
Her hands slid out of his and crept up his arms and around his back, drawing him into a warm, much-needed hug.
Their chins rested on each other's shoulders, eyes closed peacefully. His face found its way underneath her hair, and she felt him sigh against her neck.

"I'm sorry..."



She pulled back enough to look at him, yet maintain the close contact. Her hand moved up and rested against his temple, thumb brushing across his brow, down his cup his cheek.

He didn't think he'd ever felt so defenceless as he did right then, nestled in the warm, comforting embrace of Rose...his Rose...his little human girl...peroxide queen...Queen of Time...
That's what he wanted...to keep her with him...forever...always, though he knew that it wouldn't last...forever couldn't happen. He could give her this...this little taste of what could be if she wasn't...if she was like him...
Yes, he knew it was wrong, torturing the pair of them like this...but it was better than leaving it to nothing, then regretting it.

"It's better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all..."

Love...the one thing both he and Rose knew he could never admit. Too much pain would come from it...
They didn't need that now...not ever.
He was sure she knew anyway. How could she not? It was the one thing he really had trouble hiding, and she was too intuitive to miss.

Their lips met in a chaste kiss...the apology...forgiveness.
Resting his forehead against hers, the Doctor let the first smile that day cross his lips.
Hand brushing, playing through her hair, her gave her a gentle nudge with his nose, causing a wide grin to spread across her face; he followed suit...his trademark, goofy grin which sent her heart pounding every time she set eyes on him.

Pulled her close...lips against hers...soft and sweet as he imagined the first would be; not the desperation and hurriedness that they'd experienced downstairs.
No wrestling.
No grappling.
No battling against each other for control.
Just this...together.
Sweet, peaceful, serene...drowning in the simple adoration that they each bestowed upon the other.
Feelings unspoken, yet so entirely obvious and known...

Never alone...not anymore...

"Come with me..."