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Author's Notes:
I've not had a lot of time to write, what with college being a bitch lately...but now it's the Crimbob holidays, I have some freedom!!! Wheeee!
Enjoy! Please tell me what you think.
Warning: 100% Beta-free. meep!


The aroma of heated leather greeted her 'good morning', as Rose finally regained consciousness; that welcoming smell, comforting, and so very 'Doctor'.


She remembered...the nightbefore...oh!
How she'd embarrassed herself, passing-out drunk in front of the Doctor...she didn't know if she could face him that morning; in spite of this thought, she soon found that she already had, and had been facing him all night.
Her eyes suddenly widened as her gaze fell upon the sleeping Time Lord beside on her!

He'd been close when he'd settled down, but now...Rosehad to physically stop herself from crying out in surprise.
It was then that she oticed the pair of arms wound protectively around her back...became aware of the warm exhalations on her neck where the Doctor had his head rested in the nook of her shoulder; the pair of them covered in his jacket.
His chest...


Tentatively, Rose lifted up part of the jacket, looking down as his naked chest rose and fell...listening to his double-beat pulse thud melodically in time with her single rhythm.
Her initial shock soon faded to an indifferent acceptance once she saw he still had his trousers on.
Whatever had happened last night, he'd somehow managed to keep his honour.
Strangely enough, she felt quite disappointed.

Wincing at the perversity of her own, seemingly innocent mind, she allowed her gaze to linger a little longer upon the bare-chested Doctor, knowing that she probably would never get another oportunity to do so.
Curiously, she extended her hand slowly towards him, her fingers lightly sweeping over the sparse layer of hair that accompanied his upper-torso.
A small, mischevious smile crossed Rose's lips as she began to geta little braver, the soft pads of her fingertips brushing delicately over skin, resulting in an approving tone from the slumber-bound Doctor.

"Tickles..." He mumbled wearily, his lips curving into a grin as she continued, though it soon fell as she swiftly withdrew her hand from him.
He grumbled and shuffled slightly closer, burying his head in the top of the pink hoody she still wore, though showing no signs of waking just yet; she'd never seen him sleep before, which was why this moment continued to intruige her, despite the strangeness of it all.
He sighed as he relaxed again, clicking his tongue a couple of times before he fell quiet again, the only audible sounds- his vital signs.

Unable to move much for fear of waking him when he seemed so at peace, Rose carefully slid her arm out from between them, snaking it underneath and around his back as he had obviously done to her some time in the night.
He squeaked as her fingers splayed aross his back, resting in the valleys of his mountain range of a spine.
He squeaked?!
He squeaked, and Rose grinned in amusement, taking the chance to wrap another arm around him, letting her hand trail down from the shortly cropped, but soft hair at the back of his head, to his neck, stopping to rest between his shoulder blades.
She felt his head move, and the end of his slightly bruised nose came into contact with the small patch of skin he had exposed during his unconscious exploration of her hoody; as did a pair of lips.

That was the point when she tensed, and she was sure that he felt it, as he whimpered in complaint.
"Rose...Rose, I'm not a're drunk..."
She looked down at the top of his head in confusion, though she listened intently to his ramblings, wondering if he did this everytime he slept.
"You know I do...until the end of Time don't do that...I need that...yes...that's spoon...don't give me that...there're a lot of things you can do with a spoon..."

Rose couldn't help but squirk, stifling her mirth on the top of his head.
So he had conversations with her, even when he wasn't awake...she could've sworn he felt her heart leap, and his two too.
He dreamed about her...

"Come on, I'll show you..."
A further few, light kisses were planted on her collar, and without thinking, she responded where her lips had settled in his hair.

He jolted suddenly, and his eyes snapped open, revealing his two blue moons to the clashing pinkness of the material in which his head was swathed.


The blonde suddenly let go of him, pulling her arms back towards herself, though with some difficulty as he just happened to be in the way.
Feeling her hands on his bare torso, the Doctor pulled his head out of her hoody and looked up, almost headbutting her chin in the process. The leather jacket flew up as he scrambled to regain his usual composure.

"Bad idea...bad, bad, bad idea to be in here..." He kept repeating to himself as he struggled to untangle himself from her, and she from him; the pair of them just as shocked by the other's reaction to their closeness.
~"What the hell were you thinking of?! She doesn't need you there, she has a perfectly good duvet..."
~"Stupid, stupid, stupid girl. He was drunk...and asleep...of course he didn't...oh god! Now what've you done?! Stupid girl...stupid ape!"

The pair of them found themselves knelt at opposite ends of Rose's bed, facing each other, eyes, brown and blue, filled with uncertainty, and a glimmer of fear of what the other would say.
The Doctor clutched at his jacket for dear life, holding it infront of him as he daren't risk exposing himself again to put it back on; he hadn't betted on her waking before him, as it was his intention to slip away before she was aware of him ever being there.
How wrong he was...
Now he'd just managed to embarrass, and by the looks of things, freak out Rose much more than he could have possibly imagined, the ironic thing being, that she was thinking the exact same as he at that point in time.

A few minutes passed where not a word was said, where all they did was stare at one another, trying to think of something to say to excuse themselves.

So many questions...

"Why doesn't my head hurt?" It was the best Rose could come up with...change subject entirely...that should work...shouldn't it?

"The egg shell has an oxidant in it that stops the effects of hangovers..."

"Is that why..."

"It fizzes? Yes."


"What shampoo do you use?"

The Doctor furrowed his brow, completely puzzled by her question.

"Why?" He asked warily, hoping that it wouldn't be one of those answers that lead to more questions.

"You have soft hair..."

"I know." He replied, stroking a hand over his head, just to test.

"Does your nose hurt?" Rose bravely moved a little closer across the bed to try and get a better look, which only resulted in the Doctor squirming uncomfortably and trying to hide it, though with much difficulty.

"'s nose is fine." He jibbered quickly as she slowly advanced on him, recognising in an instant that he was lying.

"You've broken it, haven't you?" She reached out, and the leather jacket fell in a heap on the bed, as two large hands covered his face.


"You have..." She took hold of one of his thumbs, trying to pry it away so she could take a look.

"I haven't!"

She gaze him that questionable look...the one he couldn't help but melt at.

"Maybe...just a little bit..."

"Come here."



"No! I'm fine! I'm THE Doctor, I don't need to be nursed!" He insisted, retreating away from her as far as he could, until he was dangerously close to toppling off the end of the bed.

"Doctor! You're gonna fall!"

He wobbled precariously on the edge, unable to grab onto something without letting go of his nose and giving her the pleasure to gloat about tending to his wound; he had some pride...

"I won't!"

"Doctor!" Rose lunged forward sharply, grabbing him round the middle and yanking him back onto the bed with a creaking moan from the springs.

"What the hell's wrong with you this morning?!

He opened his mouth to answer, but she interrupted him without a second thought in a very Jackie-esque display.

"Stop being fussy and let me have a look! You're like a child!"

"Rose!" He complained furiously as she finally wrenched his hands away from his nose, pinning them down on either side of his head.
He definitely wasn't used to having anyone speak to him like this...none of his companions had ever dared to treat him in such a manner; and had it been any of his other companions, he might have put up more of a struggle when she straddled his stomach to make sure he didn't escape.

"Not good, not good, not good!"

"Now hold still..." Rose leaned forward to inspect the bluey-purpley patch of colour that had spread across the top of his nose, before carefully releasing one of his hands so she could prod it.


"Sorry!" She looked down at him apologetically as his free hand immediately rushed to protect his nose from her.

He returned her gaze with one that resembled that of a frightened deer caught in the headlights, and she knew she shouldn't touch it again.

"I'll get some of those icy-things for it from the first-aid cabinet..." Rose assured him, quickly leaping up off him and hurrying to the door, leaving the Doctor sprawled on her bed, whimpering both in pain and relief.

One had still on his nose, his other reached out for his jacket, which he wasted no time in piling on his lap.
Hopefully, she hadn't noticed...