Revenge of the Reapers

by deathman [Reviews - 8]

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  • Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Angst, Drama, Mystery, Standalone

Author's Notes:
I thought 'I might as well finish up some old stories before I start finishing the new ones'. So here I am. Finishing Revenge of the Reapers with its tiny, conclusive epilogue.
If, at the end, you want to read more, go to 'The Other Place'.
Oops, like it says at the end!


She woke suddenly amidst the humming lights and pillars of the TARDIS. Rose tilted her head upwards. The window-walls were still open. She could see the burning spirals of the Time Vortex outside them, warping and shifting into shapes innumerable.

And there — the Doctor! Crouching amidst the controls, casting her a huge grin.

Returning the smile, she rushed over to grab him in a hug.

‘What happened?’ she asked him later.
‘You closed the rift. It’s over,’ the Doctor replied, shortly.

Rose looked dissatisfied, but didn’t say anything, casting her glance to the window. The TARDIS was moving, flying, towards…

‘Where are we going?’

‘Earth. London. 2006.’

‘To see Jackie?’ Rose asked teasingly.

‘No way!!!’ the Doctor put down the tea cup he had been holding. ‘There are other parts of London, you know. I was thinking we could go to the outskirts. Town called Twickenham.’

Rose realised. ‘That’s the place with the rugby ground, isn’t it?’

‘Yes,’ the Doctor answered. ‘And it’s also the place where a giant mysterious shadow is blocking out all light in the vicinity.’


(The ‘shadow’ story is continued in ‘The Other Place’…)