Revenge of the Reapers

by deathman [Reviews - 8]

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  • Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Angst, Drama, Mystery, Standalone

Author's Notes:
And so continues the Revenge of the Reapers story. This will be my last story contribution to the site until New Year. Notice STORY - I can and will still do reviews, but that's it. So I wish you a Merry Christmas, and hopefully this story won't be as awful as I think it is!


‘Hello!’ the Doctor grinned from ear to ear. The Reaper unfolded its legs revealing a mouth in its belly, and dived towards him, screeching. Rose screamed. ‘Step back!’ the Doctor said. ‘Au revoir,’ he called to the Reaper and walked backwards. VWEP! They were scoured from the face of Exx Xis Six and dropped to earth inside the TARDIS.
‘How come we landed here?’ Rose asked nervously.

‘I moved the teleportation feed with my thoroughly magnificent technology. Easy really.’ The Doctor was still smiling like a clown.

‘So we’re trapped here with Reapers surrounding us?’ Rose cried.


‘Great! Plus, why can’t the Reapers just use the teleportation feed to get inside the TARDIS?’

‘Pedestrian teleport system,’ the Doctor answered happily. ‘Since the feed is on the ground, the Reapers can’t use it.’

‘Right,’ Rose said. ‘What happens now?’

‘Now that’s the right sort of question!’ the Doctor declared excitedly. ‘To control an army this large, the Reapers must have some kind of leader. Now a leader needs to have a base. And that base must be very strategically placed. And there’s nowhere on Exx Xis Six that’s more strategic than here — inside this crater. Conclusions — their base must be very near here.’ He was energetically pacing the floor of the TARDIS now.

‘What use is that to us?’ said Rose. ‘I mean we’re not going to invade… are we…?’

‘Why not?’ the Doctor questioned as if this was obviously the most sensible course of action.

There was a pause.

‘Right ho,’ the Doctor said decisively, walking quickly over to the control panel. ‘We’ve got to see what there is to see outside.’

‘But you can’t go out there!’ blurted Rose loudly, running to the Doctor.

The Doctor said with his back to her, ‘Not going to. Look and learn!’

He flicked a switch and the TARDIS walls rolled down like window blinds to reveal panels of pure transparent glass. From these, Rose could see outside the TARDIS. And all she could see was Reapers. Hundreds and thousands of them, surrounding the TARDIS in a wall of whipping tails, clutching claws and hungry, blazing eyes.

‘How are we gonna find their base if there are that many outside?’ Rose said distantly, awestruck by the sheer size of the Reaper battalion. She could imagine the number ten million but she could not begin to picture ten million actual creatures in her mind.

‘Just let the TARDIS work its magic,’ reassured the Doctor,’ still playing with the controls. ‘Result!’ he declared. ‘Now come to the screen, quick, I’ve got something to show you.’
Rose darted round the control panel to where the TARDIS’s computer was situated.

‘Right,’ the Doctor began, already excited. ‘The TARDIS is just doing a scan for potential Reaper bases… that’s a bird’s eye view of the crater…’ he pointed at the main panel on the screen… ‘Aha! There’s only one possibility — THERE!!!’ He showed Rose a gaping cavern in the side of the crater.

‘So… we’re gonna go there?’ asked Rose.




‘Good.’ They both smiled, then the Doctor was back to work.

‘Do me a favour and hold that lever down,’ the Doctor ordered. Rose obeyed and the giant engines rolled and clattered. The Doctor slammed a button and the TARDIS spun round and round. For a moment Rose could see the great space — time vortex whirling chaotically through the open windows. Then the TARDIS materialised inside a huge underground cavern.

There were fifteen Reapers hovering menacingly around a patch of darkness at the centre of the cave. Both the Doctor and Rose got the feeling that it was being kept intentionally dark so as not to reveal whatever lurked inside.

‘Before we step out there,’ warned the Doctor, ‘we’ve got to activate the extrapolator. Then at least we’re safe from Reaper claws, but if they have big, nasty missiles, then we’ll bite the dust.’ He grinned dangerously and Rose copied him.

'I didn't know we still had that thing,' Rose commented.

'Neither did I,' admitted the Doctor.

He stabbed the force field generator with a finger and pulled the wire that connected it to the TARDIS. There was a flash of blue light and a loud whining noise. The Doctor said over this sound, ‘Right — it’s working. Let’s get outta here!’

He bounded to the TARDIS doors, opened them, and strode out, Rose following.

There was an ear-splitting chorus of screeches as fifteen Reapers simultaneously dived towards them, scythe tails slashing the air and stomach mouths wide open. The Doctor simply stood there, and the Reapers crashed into their force field. There was a crackle of electricity and the monsters were hurled backwards, electrocuted. The Doctor smiled and said, ‘Totally useless.’ The Reapers screeched and flitted, bat—like, back to their positions.

Rose was about to say something when a deep, grating, hissing voice interrupted. ‘Call up the reinforcements,’ it croaked. ‘I will deal with the “Doc-tor”!’

The Doctor frowned. ‘Who’s there?’ he called into the blackness.