Revenge of the Reapers

by deathman [Reviews - 8]

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1. Revenge of the Reapers [Reviews - 4] (1071 words)
OK, this is the one that my author's page describes as being inspired by a tiny quote in Hypernova Part 1, when the Doctor got out his 'hyperscope that he had used before on Exx Xis Six, in the battle with the Reapers'. Was it right? Yes!!! You can call me sad.

But I do quite like this story. It's quite simple compared to my other stories, and predictable, like a fairy tale (that is if you've watched Father's Day, which most of you will have).

And that's why I like it! Enjoy.

2. Revenge of the Reapers 2 [Reviews - 1] (869 words)
And so continues the Revenge of the Reapers story. This will be my last story contribution to the site until New Year. Notice STORY - I can and will still do reviews, but that's it. So I wish you a Merry Christmas, and hopefully this story won't be as awful as I think it is!

3. Revenge of the Reapers 3 [Reviews - 1] (1651 words)

4. Revenge of the Reapers 4 - Epilogue [Reviews - 2] (207 words)
I thought 'I might as well finish up some old stories before I start finishing the new ones'. So here I am. Finishing Revenge of the Reapers with its tiny, conclusive epilogue.
If, at the end, you want to read more, go to 'The Other Place'.
Oops, like it says at the end!