Green Blobby Thing

by Gwyneth [Reviews - 18]

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  • Action/Adventure

The Bleghika snorted with laughter.

“You think you can defeat me by blowing off my head? HA!”

“Errrr…what was plan B?” Tosh asked quietly.

“There isn’t one,” Jack replied.


“So, what are we going to do?” Muttered Owen.

“THIS!” Jack shouted as he made up a plan, and he ran at the Bleghika. He stopped right in front of it and closed his eyes as though waiting for the worst. The Bleghika jumped forward once and with the same swift movement he ate up Jack. The creature swelled up once he ate Jack to make room.

“You all right?” Jack asked Gwen as he joined her in the creatures stomach.

“Yeah … well as good as I can be under these circumstances!” Gwen laughed.

Jack chuckled, “Yeah,” his voice turned more serious, “but anyway,” and he pulled out his gun. He shot the Bleghika straight through the brain. Once. Twice. Three times.

The Bleghikas head exploded as before, showering a confused Owen and Tosh with the sticky green slime.

The head started to grow back again, but before the brain, which develops first, had barely grown, Jack shot it again, making it explode once more. Jack gave Gwen a quick nudge and told her to get out. So Gwen tried to scramble out, but brain was re-growing again, blocking the escape route. Jack saw this and shot it through the brain, enabling Gwen to get out.

Once she was safe, though very sticky and slimy, Jack shot it again, and freed himself before the Bleghikas head had started to re-grow.

Suddenly the doors and windows slamed shut. The Bleghika cakled as they heard the locks click.

They were trapped.