At Time's End

by deathman [Reviews - 63]

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  • Teen
  • Explicit Violence
  • Action/Adventure

Jimbob’s cheery face appeared behind the walking corpse. ‘Doctor…’ he trailed off as he realised what was standing in front of him.

Fast as lightning Edward’s corpse swung round. A desiccated hand lashed out and slammed into Jimbob’s throat. He screamed and beat at the corpse’s arm with both hands, but the creature held on, its clutching fingers as hard as iron.

Then the arm swung out, the fingers releasing Jimbob in the process. The captain screamed as he hurtled across the air and landed at the end of the Doctor’s bed. The corpse grinned evilly and flung a sword. It embedded itself in a large red button set in the wall. The button had previously read ‘Lock’.

‘Have a nice day,’ Edward smiled. The creature stepped backwards, and out, as the doors closed. Clicked. And locked.

The Doctor, Rose and Jimbob were left alone in a locked room, with only a bed and each other to help them.

Jimbob’s breathing was hard and erratic. ‘What was that thing?’ he hissed at the Doctor.

But the Doctor was staring straight at the locked doors, where the creature had previously stood. ‘I’ve seen this before,’ he spoke bluntly, not bothering to look round at Rose and Jimbob. ‘A long time ago. On the planet Lilula.’

Rose placed a soothing hand on his shoulder. She knew this mood — the remembering-the-Time-War mood. ‘It was destroyed in the war, wasn’t it?’ she asked him, rhetorically.

‘No,’ he said. Rose was surprised. ‘What happened to it, then?’

‘It’s the scourge of Lilula. The bringer of the Great War.’

‘What is it?’ Jimbob urged him. ‘That creature nearly killed me, I have a right to know.’

‘The Dark One,’ the Doctor replied, finally swinging round to face them. His expression was a very rare one. It was terror. Rose had never seen him like this before, utterly helpless.

‘And… that’s bad?’ Rose inquired hesitantly. She shivered. Even that name seemed to freeze her blood and dry her bones.

‘Bad?’ the Doctor laughed weakly. ‘The Dark One is the most powerful being in the whole universe that I know of. You haven’t heard the rhyme?’

Jimbob looked pale. ‘I know him. I know the rhyme. The old myth.’

‘I don’t,’ Rose stated.

‘Well, Jimbob, would you be so kind as to give Rose a performance?’

Jimbob steeled himself, then began.

' "He is born in the shadows,
Baptised with flame,
He lives by the sword,
And dies by his bane

He enters the house,
In the dark of night,
Sucking life,
And stealing light

Eats moons,
Drinks suns,
Twirls his thumbs,
Till the Reaper comes

He is born in the shadows,
Baptised with flame,
He lives by the sword,
And dies by his bane,

The Dark One shall rise, again".'

Rose breathed out. ‘And now we’ve got to stop that?’

The Doctor sneered in bitterness. ‘Yes, we have.’