Suzies Face

by claudiaromana [Reviews - 4]

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Owen turned his head, he couldn't see her. He let out a sigh of relief. The door sprang open, he sat bolt upright. But i wasn't her it was gwen, he sighed again. He turned to Gwen and smiled.

He couldn't go on like this every time a door opened or he heard that beep of an email
coming in he almost screamed. Ever since that incident with Gwen and the glove he had been on edge and she had started to notice it too. He couldn't look at Gwen without thinking of Suzie. Not in a good way. She had planned it all everything, how could they
not have noticed it, how could he not have noticed it.

What was he supposed to do he couldn't get her out of his head.
That horrible smile when she stood in front of Jack blood trickeling down her shirt,
Jack standing there with a slightly shocked look on his face. The image was vivd in his mind. He didn't no what he was going to do. So in true Owen style he pulled Gwen towards him and kissed her.