love, war and a time paradox

by addison_rules [Reviews - 0]

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Author's Notes:
this story is good, but not complete,

the doctor walked up to the door and opened it as far as he could.
but the chain on the door stopped him from opening it very wide
"yes we've just come to say something."
the doctor and molly gulped
they were shocked
"because you told them we were there, we shot them all."
"and thats a good thing?" asked the doctor
"why yes and to show are Appreciation we will let you stay at our base."
"oh, how kind"
"and we'll protect you."
"arrrr, WHAT! from what?"
"the other gangsters of cause, after you let us kill them, they want revenge"
"so there out to get us?"
"great! chancellor flavia was right, never interfere with inferior species or you might end up joining there wars. and now i know she was wright".and then the gangsters left

later the doctor and molly headed off to the base....
"the doors locked"
" we can go throught that broken window then"
and so they did