love, war and a time paradox

by addison_rules [Reviews - 0]

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".....i have to say thanks"
the doctor almost exploded with relief.
"anyway thanks, co's now we can kill 'em easier"
they ran off into the night club.
the doctor and molly stoud and watched them go.
then, they burst out laughing.
they were both prancing around looking at the stars in the sky.
then a hail of bullets burst through the window of the club and headed straight for them.
they grabbed each others hand and ran for the bridge.
when they got there they started laughing (again)
then they and stared into each others eyes.
and then kissed

that was all the doctor could remember of what happen last night.
but where was he now...?

a shady figure sat on its throne watching his kingdom
a man wearing robes and a half skull mask.
"my lord Oakenshath"
"yes" replied the ghost like figure
"the new dawn arises, the doctor will soon be going to the gangsters lair".
"excellent!" the figure created a fist with his hand.

the doctor woke up on a sofa.
it was a nice sofa.
he woke up in a nice house as well.
he got up and went for a look around.
he walked up the stairs to the bedroom.
there, wrapped up asleep in her covers, was molly.
the doctor walked down the stairs to the kitchen.

molly soon got up, she walked down stairs to find the telly on and pancakes were put on plates on the table.
she heard the doctor singing and cooking in the kitchen.
"very good singing" she said
"oh thank you" he replied
then they had breakfast
but then......
knock knock knock
molly got up and looked through the window at who was at the door.
"the gangsters" she wispered
she turned and looked at the doctor for advise.
"there probaly here to kill us.............."