The White Jafruschti

by Blaidd_Drwg [Reviews - 8]

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Author's Notes:
A little bit of a sequel to The Devil's Congregation.
(I shall sort that problem out ASAP)
Un beta-d, but I've gone through it. Any typos, I'm sorry.
Joint effort with my writing partner, Merry.
Rating: PG - Drinking references

Disclaimer: Doctor Who belongs to the beautiful BBC, and the fantastic genius that is Russell T. Davies.


The White Jafruschti

The Doctor led Rose through a writhing mass of people, keeping a tight hold on her hand so as not to lose her, as they forced their way up to the bar.
Breaking out of the rabble, the Time Lord perched himself atop a stool, motioning for Rose to follow suit, keeping a hand on her arm so she didn't get lost or pushed away; it was surprising how may people could fit in such a small space.
"You ready for that drink I promised you?"

"Hell yeah-" she replied through a huge grin, as she stood on her tiptoes and slid sideways onto the tall bar stool that stood right next to him. She was used to crowds, though this was most definetly the buisiest place that the TARDIS had taken her too so far. It reminded her of the bustling atmosphere that filled London clubs. "You've been on about this drink for ages- it'd better live up to my expectations-" she added lightly, resting her arms against the surface of the bar.
"What did you say it tasted like again?"

"'ll see soon enough." He grinned, winking and tapping his nose knowingly.
"It'll knock you sideways, I can guarantee that!" He added, his blue eyes sparkling with the flashing display lights which encircled the back of the bar.

Rose looked up at him with amusement, her tongue poking through her teeth as she grinned.
"Hey- it's not alcoholic, is it...?" she asked, looking sideways to him with curiosity. She'd taken his description quite literally. Whether he was on about taste or potency, she was already preparing herself for quite a strong drink.

"Aren't all the best drinks?" He chuckled, finding her little curious spat quite amusing; she'd find out...
"Besides, we are in a bar, aren't we?"

"I guess so," Rose laughed, turning her attention back to what was happening behind the bar for a moment. "But then again, you never know with you. For all I know this could be some odd place where alcohol's forbidden-" she joked, though thinking the idea herself to be somewhat ridiculous.

"Then it wouldn't be a bar, would it?" The Doctor shook his head, waving to catch the attention of a large, pink and yellow spotted alien at the other end of the bar; given, he did look very similar to Mr Blobby, and it was somewhat off-putting, but it did make buying drinks something of a novelty.
Shouting out in a different language, though thankfully translated for Rose by the TARDIS, the Doctor ordered two White Jafruschtis for the pair of them, giving Rose a quick nudge of encouragement.

Rose glanced across to the Doctor for a moment, but then cast her eyes back to the rather unusual form who was now mixing their drinks. True, she had seen several aliens now, but this one's colour and size was somewhat off-putting. Realising she was probably staring, and that most would probably mistake her curiosity for rudeness, she looked away, and instead focused on the two drinks that were now being brought over to them in the pink and yellow thing's hands... if they could be called 'hands'. Biting her lip slightly and sitting a little straighter, she waited for them to arrive with a considerable amount of anticipation.

"Ooo! Watch this!" The Doctor nodded over to the small cage that hung above the bar, as the server reached inside, and pulled out an emerald-green bird, which cackled frightfully as his pink and yellow mitts wrapped around it's legs.

Rose's eyes fell instantly on the bird, though she wasn't too sure whether or not she should find it entertaining- as she wasn't sure if the bartender was about to stuff the bird directly into the two beverages. With the way that the large yellow and pink being was holding the bird, she half expected it.
"What's it doing?" she asked the Doctor, leaning over towards him slightly as she spoke, to ensure that the barman wouldn't hear her question.

"Just watch!" He urged her, resting his elbows on the bar-top as he kept his eyes on what the bartender was putting in their drinks.
Setting the bird down upon the mixing surface, the bartender pointed over to the Doctor and Rose, letting the little creature run free over to the pair of customers, cackling as it went and perched infront of Rose, eyeing her carefully.

Rose sat back a little, merely out of surprise, as the little critter sat inspecting her with its beady eyes. Removing her hands slowly from the counter, she placed them in her lap and glanced sideways to the Doctor, just to double-check that the bird was actually supposed to be with them. As he made no effort to move, she relaxed a little, though still looked completely confused. "What does it want?" she whispered quietly, unable to keep herself from asking as it still stared.

As if in answer to Rose's question, the bar-bird flapped it's minute wings and let out a high-pitched "ping", very much like a microwave alarm. Standing up suddenly, it hopped to the side, leaving in it's wake, a tiny, golden egg.
The Doctor rubbed his hands together, and chuckled to himself as he watched Rose's reaction to the little thing.

Rose stared, her mouth gaping open as she looked at the thing that had suddenly been laid... an egg. It was a golden egg.
"An egg-?" she frowned, looking to him before glancing back at the bird. "It laid a golden egg-?" she reached forwards curiously, and plucked it up from the surface of the bar. Turning it carefully in her hand she examined it, looking at each edge, baffled for what it could possibly be for. Suddenly she laughed and shook her head.
"This is like something from Charlie and the Chocolate factory..." she grinned, placing it back down as she had no idea what it was for. She looked to the Doctor and grinned. "Don't you get one?"

"Of course I do! I'd get my money back if I didn't!" He laughed, as the bird pinged an egg infront of him, and tottled off back to it's cage.
Picking up his little egg, the Doctor smiled; it was barely as big as his eye.
"Ooo! Here we go..."
Two tall, thin glasses were placed infront of them, frothing a white mist from the top.
"A White Jafruschti."

"Looks like apple-snow-" Rose grinned, finding the unusual beverage easier to cope with if she identified it with something much more familiar. She bit her lip slightly, and observed the glasses for a moment before hesitantly reaching forward for her own. She slid it a little closer to her, but then remembered the tiny egg on the bar. Picking it up again she looked to the Doctor for instruction, hoping to follow his example.

Rolling his egg between his fingers, The Doctor cracked it on the edge of his glass, peering at the silvery liquid inside, jiggling swilling it around a bit before pouring it into his glass and placing the empty shell on his tongue.
Picking up his glass, he raised it to Rose, waiting for her to copy.

Rose eyed him carefully for a moment, and looked at his drink, which sat rather invitingly in his hand. After a short moment's contemplation, she lifted her own glass, cracked it somewhat clumsily on the side, and emptied out its contents before swirling the glass- exactly how he had done. She then placed the shell in her mouth- though was slightly less sure about that action. It wasn't natural for people to eat egg-shells.

Crunching down on the egg in his mouth, he chewed for a short while so that he didn't choke.
"Uhh-huu?" The Doctor looked to Rose with a raised eyebrow and a mouthful of egg shell, waiting to see if she was ready.

Scrunching up her nose, Rose carefully bit down on the shell, rather disconcerted to the cracking sensation that now filled her mouth. Besides this, she nodded, and reached for her glass- guessing that all there was left to do was to take a swig of the white, frothy liquid. Still, she would make sure he drank first just to be sure... with the way this drink was going, she wouldn't half be surprised if the Doctor went and poured it right over his own head.

"Eears!" The Doctor mumbled, raising his glass before bringing the rim to his mouth, tipping it up and taking a mouthful; his eyes lighting up as he felt the bits of egg sell on his tongue bubble and tickle as they dissolved in the drink.

Fighting back a grin, as one would be quite difficult with the shell in her mouth, Rose took a large gulp; and winced as the odd sensation of a fizzing and crackling shell danced about in her mouth. Not to mention the flavour that hit her when she tasted it- it was like nothing other she'd ever had before, yet strangely familiar- like a perfect mix of her most desired flavors. Smiling broadly as she placed her glass back on the table, she squirmed about a little as she tried to get used to the feel and taste of the beverage. The Doctor was right, it was amazing- and it far surpassed her original expectations.

Setting his glass back down, the Doctor let out a contented sigh, licking his lips, savouring the odd, metallic twang that came with his drink; his tongue was still bubbling, much to his delight.
"Mmm...what did you get?"

"I'm not sure..." Rose replied, still running her tongue around her mouth as she tried to identify the taste. "I'd say it was some sort of mixture... sugary sweet- chocolate perhaps... maybe- candyfloss...?" she thought for a moment, and as the crackling had subdued to a gentle fizz, she sat up straight again and allowed herself to grin. She could definitely taste a hint of something stronger in there... it was definitely not non-alcoholic...
"How about you?" she asked curiously, before pausing a moment. "Don't they taste the same, though?"

The Doctor's left eye twitched slightly, prompting him to blink slowly and shake his head; he was sure they'd added something new...special house mix, perhaps?
" rum..."

"Ah, right-" Rose replied, glancing back to her own glass, slightly disappointed to find that it was already empty. "Well, you were right-" she added, "that was the best thing I've ever tasted."
Grinning, she looked back over to the bird, which was now seated back in it's cage. "That green bird... that had something to do with the taste, right? The way it looked at us... it was figuring out what we would like best, wasn't it?" she looked back to the Doctor with bright eyes, thrilled not only by the drink, but that she'd seemingly managed to figure it out. She already wanted another one, as she didn't want the sensation to go, and it was already fading. "Right-?"

With a wide grin, he nodded, leaning against the tabletop again and watching her.
For a human, she did have some intelligence about her...
"Fantastic, isn't it?"

"Yeah- it's brilliant!" she exclaimed, with a slightly larger than usual wave of her arms. She looked at him with a toothy grin. "Thanks for getting me to try one... beats anything I've ever had before by far."

"And another?!" He asked, blinking again and smiling stupidly, glancing over his shoulder to the bartender and the bird.

"I'd love another-" Rose replied, her hand still resting loosely around her empty glass. "How much are they though?" she added. "Don't want to put you out of pocket..."
She knew he wasn't one to carry much money around with him- ever since she'd bought him chips after their first trip together. All she had with her were a few notes in her pockets- and she doubted that British currency would be much use there.

"Out of pocket? I'm never out of pocket!" The Doctor frowned, bringing his hand down on the bar in mock-disbelief.
"Two more!"

"If you say so-" she laughed, shaking her head slightly though finding the whole situation highly amusing. She watched as the bartender nodded, and then went through a repeat of what he'd done last time. The bird this time didn't take as long, as it already knew what they liked- and so they were soon both once again sitting with a glass filled with frothy liquid and a golden egg placed before them.

Tapping his fingers upon the side of his glass, the Doctor watched the little golden egg that rolled around on his palm.
"I'll swap you." He looked up and over to Rose's with a slight smirk.