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1. Hypernova Part 1 - Steel and Fire [Reviews - 3] (4335 words)
My chance to let off stress as I throw tonnes of monsters at the Doctor and Rose. Inspired greatly by the Nightmare of Black Island. You may not be able to see why from the first chapter, but...

I cannot continue with Turn of the Earth until I finish this (because of... you'll see) and so I'll try and finish this quickly, postin it one part per two days instead of per three days.

But... enough chat. On with the story!

2. Hypernova Part 2 - Battle in the Mountain [Reviews - 1] (4067 words)
Building up to the huge action in Chapter 3 - but never mind Chapter 3! Here's Chapter Two.

3. Hypernova Part 3 - Hypernova [Reviews - 3] (7439 words)
And so this is it. Th climax of the Hypernova Trilogy, and the Trilogy of Trilogies. The one where I fling countless monsters at the Doctor and Rose. The one in which there are nine battle scenes. The one in which I create my own (better?) version of the Niightmare of Black Island.

The story which I have enjoyed writing the most of all my stories, Doctor Who or not.

I hope you like it as much as I do.