Sacred Women (working title)

by Metz [Reviews - 8]

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1. Chapter 1 - Dreaming of Fire [Reviews - 2] (693 words)
I have an idea where this is going, although it's still a bit in the air. Not everyone is in this first chapter, btw. It's got a general warning but it's likely to go graphic and adult at some point. I'm going to try and avoid spoilers but they might crop up for Torchwood, and any Doctor Who. Please R & R!

2. Chapter 2- Paviland [Reviews - 4] (1117 words)
So here's part two.... enjoy

3. Chapter 3 - Hunter in the night [Reviews - 1] (153 words)
short part this one.... more soon....

r&r please.... it encourages me to finish!

4. Chapter 4 - Meanwhile, far away [Reviews - 1] (811 words)
heres the next bit. Please poke me for more!