Unexpected Apology

by simallyher [Reviews - 0]

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Author's Notes:
Just something that was floating around my head, it is rather early at the moment, so please tell me if it's complete crap. I won't bite, actually I might just nip!

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of Torchwood, BBC and RTD does, but I do like borrowing them for fun.

He stood atop the Millennium building watching as the world awoke for another day, watched as the night died once again. Ever since he had found his way to Cardiff, to the rift; this was this life. Watching, waiting, and wishing. Death was something only the privileged were allowed; immortality was something only the damned could understand. He’d lost another life the night before; he’d lost another battle the day after the night. Two lives changed forever, nothing he could do to fix or mend.

He felt another part of him die when he saw her lying there, water drenched and cold. She had been his only link to the past, to his past. It was a past he had chosen for himself and now it had ended. The book of life had no concept of time; he had no concept of time. It came and went, the damage and the destruction shaped and moulded around it. Nothing could disrupt the movements, and he felt them all. He felt the ripples cascading from the rift, he felt the singularity within a moment; he felt the pain of death for centuries.

He glanced to the ocean, waves pounded the shore, and birds began to awaken in the new dawn. He should leave soon, they would arrive and he would go about as if they didn’t hate him. He had no need for connections anyway, what human would, if only to watch them die. Connections created problems, they created links and links came with escape routes. Death. Or by choice.

He let loose a hollow laugh, letting the dead notes float with the breeze. They honestly hated him, he saved the entire planet and they hated him. They would never understand the difficulties of the choices he has to make. He finally understood what the Doctor went through at the Game Station. Kill everyone or live as a Dalek. How would you choose? You couldn’t, but he did. He had to, if he didn’t who would?

He found his way back to the hub, the sun had risen, the moon had died; he was still breathing. No one would be in for another hour, maybe two. Maybe not if all, they didn’t like him, maybe they would give him a day of peace? He shuffled some papers on his desk; he only needed them to understand the excessiveness of the decision. The life or death of the situation he held to preciously in his hands. Was one girl worth the lives of billions? No, one girl wasn’t. He had to decide that.

He felt her behind him before he had even turned around, but still he was surprised to see her staring at him from the doorway. They didn’t speak; he just stared at her, hoping that she would speak. Save him from making another decision.

‘Jack.’ She breathed.
‘I don’t have the answers and I can’t change what happened,’ he knew he was blunt.
‘I don’t have any questions,’ she stated simply.
‘Good, what’s done is done.’ He couldn’t look at her, her eyes told him she was still angry, still confused at how he could do it.
‘The others are taking a day off,’ she explained. ‘They’re still…’
‘I know, but why are you here?’ He glanced at her.
‘You were right Jack.’
‘I wish I wasn’t.’
‘There comes a time when we all wish that, a time when we didn’t have to lie, we didn’t have to make the hard decisions and we didn’t have to beg forgiveness. But they come and they go, we just need to move past it.’ She sighed, ‘live with the changes.’
‘What happened?’
‘Rhys was pretty upset about the apartment. I couldn’t explain, I mean how do you tell your boyfriend that your apartment was trashed by fairies?’
‘You can’t.’ He answered.
‘There will be a lot I can’t explain to him and eventually it will begin to eat him up. I can’t let that happen to him, I love him too much; so I let him go. He’s moving his stuff out today, which answers your first question about why I’m here.’ She explained.
‘Our life is a hard one for an outsider to live,’ Jack commented.
‘I realise that, it just as hard for an insider to accept,’ she apologised.

He looked up at her, his face in surprise. He would never have expected an apology from any of them. Mainly because he refused to apologise himself, he knew he had made the right decision. It didn’t make it any easier to live with, but that was the point. He wasn’t supposed to be comfortable; he wasn’t supposed to be able to live with it. He lived a half-life, or did he? She somehow made it easier to live; he had forgotten how it felt to be alive until she came into his life. It was her questions, her humanity, her lips and her presence; just everything about her sent jolts through his system. A feeling he had long forgotten, refused, and ignored. She brought him back to life.