After The Time War

by wildcard [Reviews - 4]

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1. Retreat [Reviews - 4] (579 words)
This story starts before Rose and Jack. I will introduce them later. Satellite Five will be a trifle different. I adore David Tenant a fellow Scot, but Doctor # Nine is the one for me. I want to keep the character that Christopher Eccleston created alive in my own mind. Got to love that man in Jeans and his black leather jacket VBG!

2. Not Amused [Reviews - 0] (411 words)
The TARDIS takes radical action as she is fed up with the way the Doctor has been acting of late. She has had enough of His moods and decides she wants a change of scene.

This is the second part in my “After the Time War Series I decided to put it all into one story in order to keep it all together Hope you don’t mind as I didn’t wish to delete this part previous posted as I’d lose the reviews LOL.

3. Black Moods [Reviews - 0] (643 words)
Third part in my “After the Time War Series”

The Ninth Doctor has been thrown out by the TARDIS as she upgrades and does her own thing and he is not amused at all.

4. Sanctuary [Reviews - 0] (643 words)
The Doctor encounters a young woman who gives him a hard time as he has invaded her Sanctuary.

5. Something Familiar [Reviews - 0] (711 words)
The Doctor's interest has been peaked with the woman on the bench. This part is mainly from his POV .