R02 - The Relic of Niveus Astrum

by Kesomon [Reviews - 18]

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1. A Note from the Author [Reviews - 0] (273 words)
A note before we begin.

2. Prologue: History Unravelling [Reviews - 1] (588 words)

3. Chapter 1: The Segment [Reviews - 1] (2307 words)

4. Chapter 2: Whispers from the Past [Reviews - 2] (2736 words)

5. Chapter 3: The Orion Mission [Reviews - 2] (3020 words)

6. Chapter 4: Backlash [Reviews - 1] (4186 words)

7. Chapter 5: Bubble Burst [Reviews - 1] (3772 words)
Translations for the Latin phrases and words used in this chapter:

"Lens vivo aliquantulus diutius" – To live a little longer.
"Angelus" – angel
"Triginta. Viginti-novem. Viginti–duodeviginti. Viginti..." – Couting backwards from 30.
"peregrinus" – wanderers

A Note for those picky evil nitpickers, language evolves, so naturally Venustan!Latin won't be the exact proper sameness as Roman!Latin. And that's my loophole for bad grammer and usage. *shifty look*

8. Chapter 6: To Find a Time Lord, or Lady [Reviews - 0] (5913 words)
Second chapter of the day, since I didn't post one yesterday.

Translation of the Latin used:
“Vos nunquam dico verum” – You never speak truth / you lie

9. Chapter 7: Enter The Matrix, Neo [Reviews - 2] (3399 words)

10. Chapter 8: Meeting Miss Wildthyme [Reviews - 1] (3274 words)

11. Chapter 9: In Which Plans Are Made [Reviews - 1] (4531 words)
Small warning of mild language here. Iris will be Iris, of course.

12. Chapter 10: The Secret of Niveus Astrum [Reviews - 0] (5687 words)
I give so many props and cookies to Emery for this chapter, for she is the one who wrote the brilliant Arcadia conversation, and for without her this story would be rubbish beyond belief.

13. Chapter 11: Volcano Day [Reviews - 1] (4285 words)
Venustan/Latin Translations for this chapter:
Per deo quod totus abyssus incendia - By the goddess and all hellfire.

14. Epilogue: The Last Time Lady [Reviews - 5] (3058 words)
Venustan/Latin Translations
Gratias ago vos nam -Thank you but no (thanks but no thanks)
Sono somnium - Speaking nonsense

And so we reach the end! A big, huge thank you to anyone who's stuck with this story through the long chapters and complicated plots and general weirdness. Another, huger thank you to the people who reviewed, despite having their brains scrambled, and a massively ginomous thank you to my fabulous beta, Emery Board, because you rox my sox!