The Storm

by Outside Edge [Reviews - 1]

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Author's Notes:
First in a series of Jack/Team stories.

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, I merely borrow them from time to time...

The wind was icy as it whipped around Jack's head. Any colder and it would herald snow. Jack gazed across the rooftops from his vantage point high above the city, looking our across the bay waiting, forever waiting.

I'm still alive
Must have been a miracle
It's been a hell of a ride
Destination still unknown

The first drops of rain stung his eyes. He knew he shouldn’t stay out here much longer, but he felt unable to move. The sky became darker, the clouds more menacing in appearance and out in the bay lightning breached the gap between sky and sea with a vicious, searing display of power followed by a deep bass rumble of thunder.

If you make one wrong move
With a gun to your head
You better walk the line
Or you'll be left for dead

Jack remained where he was, unseeing, trapped within his own thoughts. Eyes fixed on the horizon. motionless as the rain beat down and the storm passed overhead, venting it's anger on the people of Cardiff.

Lost in the night
Feeling so invisible
A dead man walking the wire
High above the devil's net that's made of fire

If anyone down below could have seen him, they would have seen a lonely man, alone, the rain washing away the tracks of his bitter silent tears.

Let the end of the world come tumbling down
I'll be the last man standing on the ground
As long as hot blood runs through my veins
I'm still alive

* Lyrics from 'Alive' by Meatloaf - Bat out of Hell III
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