The Cardiff Experiment

by kijikun [Reviews - 2]

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“Scientific Adviser,” the Doctor looked like the word tasted funny in his mouth.
“The terms would be the same as they were when you held the post in the past. It’s a fair agreement, Doctor.”

The Doctor sighed, feeling all of his years. “Fine. Just so long as you lot keep your end of it and I will check.”

Susan sat on her bed and watched Ann shoved things into her bag. “Is that going to be big enough?”

“I’m not taking that much,” Ann told her. She smiled over shoulder at her best friend. “Besides it not like a have that much stuff to start with.” She wrapped her mother’s picture with a jumper and put it in the bag.

“It’s going to be weird not having you as a roommate,” Susan whispered and looked at her hands. “Or seeing you in class. Or having dinner with you.”

“Susan, I know. It’s going to be weird.” Ann bit her lips and took her scarf down from its hook. “I want you to have this.” She wrapped the scarf around her friend’s neck.

Susan shook her head. “I can’t, it’s your favorite.”

Ann gave her a look. “Like I need a scarf that’s bigger than me. Keep it,” she insisted and hugged Susan. “You’re my best mate.”

“You’ll back and visit right?” Susan asked, hugging Ann back tightly.

Ann nodded against her shoulder. “I’ll try.”

“You’d better,” Susan told her. “Or me and Kevin we’ll have to come after you.”

Ann laughed and rolled her eyes. “I wouldn’t put it past either you. Now let me finish packing.”


Ann shouldered her bag and smiled at Susan, Kevin, and the Twins. “I’ll miss you guys.”

“You don’t have to go. You could still go to school here and…” Susan wiped her eyes and hugged Ann again. “Please don’t go.”

“I have to,” Ann told her and hugged her back. “You have to stay and take care of Kevin.”

“You could at least let us see you off,” Susan told her.

Kevin rolled his eyes. “Don’t be a ninny, Susan. You know why we can.”

Susan glared at him and put her hands on her hips. “We could at least get to meet him, since he’s taking our Ann away.”

Ann laughed and shook her head. She looked over at the Twins. “What about you two?”

One of the twins grinned and handed her a blue Swiss army knife. “Here, you might need this.”

“We thought it the best thing,” the other twin said opening up the tool to show off the different tools. “It has a DIP switch setter, a pozidrive, four double-head hex bits, and it comes with torx bits.”

“You never know when it could come in handy.” They both grinned widely at her.

Ann shook her head. “You’re both crazy.”

“Ready, Ann?” the Doctor called up the stairs.

“I’ll be right there,” Ann called over her shoulder. “There’s my ride, I’ve got to go.”

Susan looked like she was going to start crying again. Kevin shook his head and then hugged Ann. “You be careful.”

Ann hugged him back tightly. “You too.” She stood on her tiptoes and kissed his cheek. “Don’t blow up the school, hey?”

“I don’t make any promises,” He told her.

Ann laughed and hurried down the steps. “Sorry,” she told the Doctor.

He looked at her bag. “That all you’re bringing with you?”

“Just how much stuff does everything seem to think I have?” Ann asked and made a face.

“I know how you humans like to accumulate things,” he said off-handedly. “And who was that boy?”

Ann peered up at him as they walked, she didn’t look back at her friends. She knew if she did, she’d start crying like Susan. “Who Kevin? Just a friend.”

The Doctor nodded. “Good.”

“You’re weird,” Ann told him.

The Doctor smiled. “I have been told that, yes.” He took her bag from her.

“Why do you have a different face?” Ann asked.

“Why are you still wearing your school uniform?” he countered and took her hand as they crossed the street.

She rolled her eyes. “I like my school uniform, and that wasn’t an answer.”

The Doctor pulled the key to the TARDIS out of his pocket. “No, I didn’t. I’ll explain later.” He unlocked the door. “Hello, K-9,” he called.

“What’s a K—Doctor! He’s so cool!” Ann exclaimed as the TARDIS door closed.

Moments later the TARDIS dematerialized from view with a ‘vworp, vworp’ sound.