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Author's Notes:
Written for who_otp drabble tag. Prompt: Nine/Mickey.
Spoilers: World War III
Disclaimer: Never have I ever had covert thoughts of taking over the British government. Not even a little. Also, I don't own Doctor Who. The Beeb does.

"Mickey the Idiot, the world is in your hands. Fire."

And Mickey fires. Because if he doesn't, the Earth goes the way of a blown Quake match, and because the Doctor’s told him to. Funny, how he takes the man's word on it, that they might come through all right, if he just does this.

Of all the things Mickey’s never thought he’d do in his life, bombing Downing Street’s pretty high on the list. And he isn’t even in jail or dead for it. Ok, so he’s not being carried on people’s shoulders and hailed the hero of the day, either, but he can live with that.

He did it, he saved the world, and it turned out ok.

He can't stop shaking, not even hours afterwards.

Maybe the Doctor notices this, and maybe he doesn't. But he’s softer, somehow, when he hands Mickey the disc and offers him a place aboard the TARDIS.

"We're just idiots."

"Well, not all of you."

He grins that grin Mickey can never figure out, and for a second, Mickey thinks he's gonna lean in and kiss him. Aliens. It would figure.

But he doesn't, and if Mickey's at all sorry about it, he blames aliens on that, as well.