Myths, Legends and an Immortal

by fizzwizz15 [Reviews - 16]

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1. Prologue [Reviews - 12] (219 words)
I have to dedicate this chapter to Zen and I Am Bad Wolf because it is thanks to them that I have written another story like this because they kicked life back into my original Round Robin, 'If you Have reviewed any of my stories I would like to ask a favour'. I never thought that I would be writing another story like this but I am. This story wil have the authors Emery Board, Zen, I Am Bad Wolf, Membio, Dead Kitty, LarielRomeniel, Romanathethird, I love drose, Amy Wolf and Shelby 17. they will be turned into a character. Who will be good or evil? What will they be? They don't know but I will. Enjoy! :) BIG thanks to my 'reluctant' Beta-reader EmeryBoard! :D

2. Chapter One: Something is in the Air… [Reviews - 4] (792 words)
First of all I have to say sorry to everyone who wanted this story to be update A LOT sooner...but biggest apologies go to Zen Clark and I Am Bad Wolf...sorry guys for letting you down but I've picked up my Doctor Who writing pen for you guys again because you two are the reason that this story was first created. I am so sorry I let you two guys down and this chappie is un-beta read (sorry Emery but I had a brainwave and I couldn't lose this idea) but next chapter won't take as long and I just hope that people are still interested in this story.

Anyway this chapter is about the Doctor feeling something is wrong in the air and Rose sees a peculiar thing about him.