1. Chapter 1 [Reviews - 13] (3249 words)
Watching PotW planted seeds. One was a question: just how delicately could Rose wield the power of the Vortex? Another was Lynda. I wondered, then I wrote. I take criticism without bruising too much, and I hope it reads well enough to warrant more chapters. Would that I owned any of these characters, but they are the BBC's and always will be. Thanks for letting me enter their world for awhile.

2. Chapter 2 [Reviews - 3] (3264 words)
I've taken more time than I wanted to get this out and up, partly because I realized I'd become as fond of some of the other characters as I was of Lynda, and had to control my writerly urges; it pays to be disciplined in these matters. I went back and fixed some minor problems in Chapter 1, but none of them necessitate a reread. (They were more to set me at ease because I'm compulsive that way.) Thanks for the kind words on that chapter, and as always, these are BBC characters with whom I'm dreaming.

3. Chapter 3 [Reviews - 4] (3641 words)
Sorry I took so long putting this third chapter together...longer than it took to write the second because I spent time researching things that ultimately ended up on the cutting room floor. However, the one colony named does have its roots in a real star system: Tau Bootis, one of the few discovered so far that astronomers believe have planets. Of a sort. But that's where poetic license enters the picture. I edited the beginning of the chapter to make the facts consistent with Bad Wolf, since I don't want to be an idiot. I also corrected Jack's century count. Twice. And, as of 16 June, '08, thanks to ERNest for catching the second math mistake!

4. First Interlude [Reviews - 3] (1598 words)
She is as necessary to this story as the Captain and his men, and I love her almost as much as I do them.

5. Chapter 4 [Reviews - 3] (4607 words)
Finally! This one's a little scattered, but I'm reasonably certain it will hold together. I must credit one phrase ("god on a blue surfboard") to a linguistic genius on the TWoP Battlestar Galactica boards. Bless you, whoever you are!

6. Chapter 5 [Reviews - 3] (3730 words)
Adventures are fun to read, but not always to experience. Lynda is bound for some hard, sad, strange adventure and I hope her heart is up to it, because I like her very much. This is the calm moment before the plunge down the moment. As always, I didn't create, and don't own, these characters. They are, and always will be the BBCs. I gain no coin off this or them, only tremendous satisfaction.

7. Chapter 6 [Reviews - 4] (5252 words)
This went somewhere I didn't want it to go. For those who know safety harnesses and such, I apologize for making it up as I go along. Many thanks to Best Beloved for making it better, and thanks to Scottish Vixen for "easy-peasy." Also, over the next day or so, I'll be doing some small edits of previous chapters to make the continuity fairy happy. As always, most of these characters belong to the BBC. Auntie Beeb, I'm trying to take good care of them, and I've taken no money for it.

8. Second Interlude [Reviews - 1] (2267 words)
I am taking chances here, ones which I hope will pay off. The first? That the grammar of a different language will translate relatively well, or at least without gibberish. The second, and more frightening one? That you will like it. As to what my language speaks about here? The Herald of the Storm, who I love. As always, this is the BBC's universe. I own nothing, but I adore it all.

9. Chapter 7 [Reviews - 1] (3144 words)
I may have jumped here, perhaps farther than Meg fell, but that's what the story told me to do. And the journey now begins to draw all roads closer to one another.

10. Chapter 8 [Reviews - 1] (5195 words)
Apologies for the long gap between chapters. Our characters are in a bit of a gabfest here, but I think they are both discovering an unexpected player in their tale, and finding a map to their eventual destiny. On a less pretentious note, I credit an excellent writer, Nostalgia, for the beautiful phrase "Blue Rose" -- one I wish I had created.

11. Chapter 9 [Reviews - 3] (5059 words)
I am not, by nature, a warlike person; I'm relatively certain most of our heroes are similarly equable. The universe, unfortunately sometimes requires us to be flexible in more than dancing... The phrase Sou a menina da tempestade can be roughly translated as "I am the handmaid of the Storm." As alway, I play with BBC characters. They own them, I love them, and occasionally build them playmates.

12. Third Interlude [Reviews - 1] (2654 words)
The unpleasant man in the lift deserves a more complete introduction; there's no escaping him, and perhaps we shouldn't want to. Please note the PG-13 rating - things are definitely not getting any calmer, or kinder, in the near future. As always, RTD and BBC own what I love. I'm trespassing out of devotion, and take no lucre.

13. Chapter 10 [Reviews - 1] (6082 words)
Back to the action, and perhaps an end to one particular problem. One quick warning; the language is, for this chapter at least, a trifle uglier than previously. That situation won't last forever; it's just a little intense right now. As always, the BBC owns its characters, and thus, me.

14. Chapter 11 [Reviews - 2] (4271 words)
Even horror and death must fall back before laughter, at least occasionally. Lynda and the others need to rediscover that. Many thanks to BB, and to my dear Queen Gwen for their thoughts, and their kicks when it counted. As always, the BBC owns the Doctor, much of the Whoniverse, and all of my heart. I own nothing but love.

15. Chapter 12 [Reviews - 3] (3224 words)
Have you ever survived a crisis, and discovered that your body chooses safe time in which to collapse? Our friends need some collapse time, and they have it here. Thanks for putting up with the unexpectedly long delay between chapters. As always, while my love for this wonderful Whoniverse and the characters which people it knows no bounds, I am not in charge. That honor goes to the BBC and RTD. Edited slightly as of 15 Oct. to make the continuity fairy happy.

16. Chapter 13 [Reviews - 2] (5157 words)
We are coming close to the end of our story, but before we reach it, our players need to tie up a few ends, open a few doors and close some others. Many thanks to Best Beloved for keeping me on my toes and pointing out places where I was in danger of stubbing them. As always, the BBC kindly looks away and lets me play (for free) with their creations. Thanks!

17. Chapter 14 [Reviews - 3] (6239 words)
It seems that in fiction, as in life, things become more difficult to complete just as the finish line is in sight. Forgive the gap between chapters. After their own lengthy wait, Lynda and the rest of the Captain's men may finally meet the Voice. As always, I own nothing of the Whoniverse and take no pay for what I write out of love.

18. Final Interlude [Reviews - 2] (2375 words)
If the universe was fair, one might argue, her story might not have ended as it did. But the universe does what it must, and she was caught in that equation. One penultimate stop before the conclusion.

19. Chapter 15 [Reviews - 2] (3615 words)
My apologies: I thought this was going to be the last chapter. It turns out that I was misinformed. I will, hesitantly, predict that the chapter which follows will be - but I suppose I shouldn't get so cocky. What you find here is a new being, some nervousness, some unpleasant discoveries, some necessary reconnoitering and, perhaps, some pleasant discoveries as well. As always, I do not own anything within the Whoniverse, and I will resolutely refuse to take money for it.

20. Outerlude [Reviews - 1] (1130 words)
Never, ever, be foolish enough to predict the end of a story before the story itself tells you it's done. I thought the final chapter was ready to go; then I learned I was wrong. There was one more story of the world beyond Satellite Five which we needed to learn before saying goodbye. Many thanks to my Best Beloved for making me watch my p's and q's, and helping me watch the rise and fall of empires. One last note: I borrowed the name of the generation ship An-Fang from "The Dead Lady of Clown Town" by Cordwainer Smith, whose beautiful writing and haunting future histories inspire me. I hope his shade approves. As always, I do not own any of these characters, nor this universe, which belongs to the BBC. I simply love them, and it.

21. Chapter 16 [Reviews - 0] (5339 words)
The final chapter turned into two, but I present them now, one after the other. I will let this chapter speak for itself.

22. Chapter 17 [Reviews - 5] (3443 words)
Well, it finally happened. I - or we - reached the end, once Lynda, Jack and the others who I came to love so much finally told me what happened. I want to thank those of you who read this, and cared enough to keep on reading over two years. This has been an amazing journey for me. There are two people especially who I want to thank, and to whom I dedicate the entire story. The first is my amazing and brilliant Best Beloved, who was the best editor anyone could hope for, and whose pride in me and my abilities helped when I was frustrated or uncertain. And the second is my dear friend and sister Queen Gwen, who shares my love of the Whoniverse, and is a great writer in her own right.

Without either of them, this would not have been good. One last set of grateful thank yous: To the BBC, and to Russell T. Davies, for lending me that which belongs solely, and only, to them.