Voices Within Her

by callyyaxley23 [Reviews - 87]

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1. Unanswered Questions [Reviews - 10] (1500 words)
Okay, brand new, post TCI but before New Earth, angsty (sort of), slightly romantic first chapter. Please tell me what you think, I'd like to know if I should keep this going. Thanks for reading. ConCrit gratefully recieved as this is un-beta-ed.

2. Colours, Colours, Everywhere But Not a Drop To Drink [Reviews - 4] (1392 words)
Thanks to everyone who's reviewed and I'm sorry it's taken so long to update. Next chapter should be up on Wednesday.

3. Grief and Longing [Reviews - 5] (933 words)
Short but worth it! Next update is coming soon! Thanks to all my wonderful reviewers, I love you guys! Took me three attempts to post but here it is.....

4. It Never Ends [Reviews - 5] (955 words)
Short again but I couldn't resist the ending. Oh well, never mind. Brilliant reviews and I love all of them...so please carry on...

5. Revealed [Reviews - 6] (1409 words)
For all those brilliant reviewers. I love them all! Please continue to make me happy! lol! Longer than the last few!

6. Trust Is A Virtue Above All Others [Reviews - 6] (1233 words)
For all those brilliant people who review this little story. I hope you continue tell me what you think! Enjoy...

7. Angels and Demons [Reviews - 4] (1265 words)
Dedicated to all my wonderful reviewers for all their consitent inspiration! You're the fantastic ones! Hope all you readers like this one! So without further ado, here it is, Angels and Demons....

8. Truth, Trust and Time [Reviews - 6] (1255 words)
This chapter is oh so very fluffy here and I really hope you like it and that it's not too full of cliches. Massive thanks to patient, ardent readers and reviewers. Please do comment and help me. I really need it....

9. Missed Perceptions [Reviews - 4] (1321 words)

10. Needing and Wanting [Reviews - 4] (1050 words)
Thanks for all the reviews!

11. Human Living [Reviews - 4] (1265 words)

12. Human Dying [Reviews - 3] (1188 words)

13. Rewarding Work [Reviews - 2] (1218 words)
Thanks for reviewing, people! Has some innuendo but not gratuitous.

14. Beautiful Darkness [Reviews - 2] (1229 words)

15. Rebirth Reincarnate [Reviews - 3] (1194 words)

16. Armies In The Fire [Reviews - 2] (1071 words)
So, so sorry for the extra long wait. I blame Christmas, exams and coursework but you can blame me if you like. The quote (and title) is from Robert Louis Stevenson

17. Cuts and Bruises [Reviews - 5] (1147 words)
Okay. Very dark chapter with mentions of self harm (though not graphic at all) so don't read if you don't like. I'm not too sure about this and I'm nervous about putting it out, so any feedback is welcome. Hope you enjoy it, though, and don't give up too much hope.

18. Burnt Blood [Reviews - 3] (1142 words)

19. A Hand To Hold [Reviews - 4] (1181 words)

20. Puzzle Pieces [Reviews - 5] (1365 words)