The Last First Doctor

by amberite [Reviews - 32]

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  • All Ages
  • Swearing
  • Het, Slash

1. 1: Rose in Torchwood [Reviews - 14] (2613 words)
The frightening new adventure of Rose Tyler coming into her own after Doomsday. We will see intimacy, poetic justice, some aphorisms, and familiar unfamiliar places. Not a reunion fic, but did I mention that it travels in time?


It occurs to me, in light of some comments on the dw-anon thread, to mention: the fact that I often use song lyrics and other quotes to herald the tone of each chapter doesn't mean that the chapters are extensions of the songs, or anything particularly other than chapters of a story which I have written. People do this in published fiction all the time, but I suppose I should have realized that fanfic is home to a lot of flakey writing. Ta!

They say you were something in those formative years
Hold on to nothing, as fast as you can
Well, still a pretty good year

--Tori Amos

2. 2: Symphony for Two Lost Travelers [Reviews - 5] (1522 words)
I believe right now if I could I would swallow you whole
I would leave only bones and teeth
We could see what was underneath
And you would be free then

I am friend to the undertow
I take you in, I don't let go
--Suzanne Vega

3. 3. Making Sudden Movements [Reviews - 2] (3795 words)

(...) remember time and time again to try
to live in light to sink within her I think of light

--Skinny Puppy

Scene locations this chapter: Jake's van, Tabor, Czech Republic - The body of Rose, Torchwood Archive 8000-10000, Cardiff, Wales - The slipward side of Rose, TARDIS-heart, Right Now.

4. 4: Down to Earth [Reviews - 11] (3242 words)

"It's unpleasantly like being drunk."
"What's so unpleasant about being drunk?"
"You ask a glass of water."

--The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams

The face in the mirror is played by some pictures of Laurie Anderson. She seemed appropriate to me.

This chapter's a bit less plotty than some, but it starts and ends with goings-on. Don't worry; the next one promises to be insanely busy.