Hope Springs Eternal

by Kesomon [Reviews - 5]

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Hope Springs Eternal
Because I am sick of all the generics of Rose Tyler either falling to depression and pining away to death over the Doctor, and equally sick of all the generics of the Doctor or Rose finding some way to punch back through to eachother, I must write this. I don't own Doctor Who, blah blah, yadda yadda copyright stuff.

Rose Tyler...

Thevoice echoed in her ears long after his image had vanished before her eyes, long after she had run to her mother's arms for comfort, long after she had exausted her sobs. The ache in her heart longing for words never spoken remained, but the salt air off the sea dried her cheeks as she gazed out across the water.

She didn't know what would happen to him, to her; the future was never certain. Her travels with him had taught her that, from seeing the end of the world, to being trapped in a basement surrounded by ghosts. The twice-ressurected Daleks, thought to be extinct, strangely struck a string of hope that lay itself within that void in her chest. Hope for him.

Have a fantastic life.

He'd told her that, ages past, the first true sign he really cared for her. Sending her away from harm, from death, but she'd returned. His life wasn'tforfit so easily.The candle she held for him would never die away, though in some part of her she knew their relationship could never be that way. He had already seen too much death. She would've left him long before she let him see hers.

The wind brushed through her hair, ruffling the rim of her parka. And she let go. Her boots crunched in the sand as she turned back, walking up the beach towards the road, to the battered old Jeep that waited for her. Her life was here now, and they needed her there.

As she reached the boundry between grass and earth, she stopped, looking back over her shoulder. The ghost of a smile, sad, yet warm and encouraging, curved her lips.

"Good luck, my Doctor...I hope you find what you're looking for."

The words hung in the air, drifting away on the breeze, as Rose Tyler climbed into the driver's side seat, and the engine rumbled alive. Gravel crunched beneath the wheels as the old jeep rolled away, leaving Bad Wolf Bay in it's wake.

And somewhere, across the void and universe's space, the man in the pinstriped suit, rumpled hair, and deep brown eyes smiled that ghost of a smile past the tears, and set his timeship in motion.