1. The first hours: Butterfly Romance [Reviews - 14] (3810 words)
Historically accurate, to the best of my knowledge, except for the Time Lord. Features an opening scene from Girl in the Fireplace and a short quote from The Christmas Invasion. And the beds in Versailles really are weirdly tall.

2. Evening; Entanglements [Reviews - 7] (2253 words)

3. Morning; Dodging History [Reviews - 2] (2759 words)

4. Night: Doctor [Reviews - 6] (2905 words)

5. Day: Waiting [Reviews - 2] (3858 words)
If you're not comfortable with multiple profanities, graphic violence, explicit sex, and horror, I'd advise you not to read any of the William Burroughs works mentioned here.

This actual story has one bad word.

Contains lyrics to the song Kashmir by Led Zeppelin

6. Home [Reviews - 9] (1013 words)