Try harder

by Romanathethird [Reviews - 57]

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1. Intelligence [Reviews - 7] (304 words)

2. Not that encouraging [Reviews - 0] (256 words)
Yay! I'm baack!!! And I'm bored so you all get to suffer!!!!!!!!

3. The Final Straw [Reviews - 1] (772 words)
Last chapter of Reinette being mean to Rose, then on to the fun and fluff and it's pro-Rose!!
I have the rest of the story planned out and it envolves the Doctor getting thorns in his hair and getting a bear chucked at him through a window (seriously, I'm not joking!)!!
In this chapter it features a Charmed-esque premonition, for those of you who have never heard of that wonderful drama it is when the premonition reciever sort of jumps and it flashes before them in black and white.

4. Confrontation [Reviews - 2] (661 words)
Message for JCL Tennantpiper: Hope you don't mind but I didn't think that the whole "Rose-is-pregnant" thing was essential to the story so I have not included it. But don't worry, if you don't like Reinette then you are going to love this chapter!!!!!!

5. Stairs [Reviews - 3] (630 words)
Don't own anything, just another who fan who wants to teach ten a lesson about women. He's got ALOT to learn, let the lessons commence!!!!!

Warning: If you think that Rose would be an empty shell without the Doctor then don't read this fic!!!

6. Roses [Reviews - 4] (561 words)

7. Never give an angry girl a teddy bear [Reviews - 9] (697 words)
Muhahhhaahhaa!!! Teddy Bears! You gotta love 'em!! They have given me this hilarious chapter after all!!! Enjoy!

8. Banner [Reviews - 7] (791 words)

9. Never go to an old friend for help, it'll only make things worse part 1 [Reviews - 1] (530 words)

10. Don't go to an old friend's for help, It'll only make things worse: Part deux [Reviews - 2] (452 words)
Second part. Right, what has Sarah-Jane gotta say for herself? Is Rose gonna forgive the Doctor? I don't know, do you? Nah! I do know, but you don't!! Muahahaha!! And today in art class, I was thinking about Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (I'm reading it at the moment!) and well, I had an idea, and it was very, very, very funny!!!!!!! But you will have to wait till the next chappie to find out what that idea was!!!!!!!!

11. Round 1! *DING, DING!* [Reviews - 1] (502 words)

12. Fight, fight, fight!! [Reviews - 9] (534 words)
Time to meet Samuel....And Rose learns a lesson, never ever let your ex meet your latest ex....

I'm sorry for the people who don't like this chappie, but a plot bunny threatened me!!!!!!!!!

Unfourtunatly I don't own Evanescence, but I did buy their new album! Does that count? No? Oh!

13. Chapter 13 [Reviews - 3] (489 words)
This chapter is dedicated to Amibellarose as it is thanks to this wonderful author that I have gotten off my lazy butt and written this chapter......Oh, and thank you I Love Drose for the puppy idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so, so much!!! And thank you to all who have reviewed for being so patient........This chappie has been months in the making!!!!!!

Usual disclaimers apply.

14. On Fire [Reviews - 4] (420 words)
Second to last chappie peeps!!!!!
I'll do my thank you's in the next chappie, but first of all, I would greatly appreciate if you all can read this important message:
I just want to say sorry, for not updating that regulary on this fic, it isn't because I hate this fic, in fact, I've never had so much writing anything in my life!!! It is genuinly (sp?) because I am constantly losing inspiration.....seriously, it is!!! And I really didn't want to ruin this fic with a half thought about chappie, or a bad idea or too much agnst!!!! So thanks to everyone who reads this fic for being so patient with me!!!
Also, thank you to JCL Tennantpiper for giving me this challenge that I love so so much!!! Thank you!!!
Now dive in y'all!!! Have fun reading the second to last chappie of Try Harder!!!!!!!

15. Just Friends.... [Reviews - 3] (249 words)