A Future Unseen

by Stardust [Reviews - 18]

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  • All Ages
  • Swearing
  • Angst, Het

1. Prelude : It Ends [Reviews - 6] (214 words)
just a thought i've had for a while....every time lord needs a happy ending and the BBC owns it all

2. So It Begins [Reviews - 1] (401 words)
The TARDIS will make things right

3. Could it be? [Reviews - 1] (263 words)
who thought that the TARDIS had such a pull with time and space

4. Secrets kept no more [Reviews - 4] (1136 words)
well, this is going a bit slowly....ahd it all worked out in my head, but there is just so much more that has to go in.
enjoy or not, leave reveiws

5. Memories and Things Forgotten [Reviews - 2] (666 words)
ok, so far its a bit twisted...im not sure where this storey came from, but here it is, started out as a vague idea and got twisted some how......hope your still enjoying

6. Everthing Clicks [Reviews - 0] (390 words)
this is where the story changes, rating to go to NC-17, maybe even adult after this chapter.....enjoy

7. a little interlude [Reviews - 0] (471 words)
this is ADULT......not old enough...dont read it

8. Chapter 8 [Reviews - 1] (333 words)
here's the ninth chapter
bit short, but so was my lunch break

9. Home [Reviews - 2] (236 words)
like it , hate it.....here it is

10. Explanations for the story [Reviews - 1] (108 words)
this chapter aint exactly a chapter as much as a little "history" lesson