The Purge

by Gideon Jacob [Reviews - 0]

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Author's Notes:
Ok, I know the last one was violent and this one is pretty similar but not as graphic - sorry if episode 4 was too extreme for Doctor Who but i really did want to go for the scare factor! So pleaser read and review if you want to - all feed back is welcome and taken on board

Doctor 11
Series 1 Episode 5

The Purge

“Doctor,” the Court Master boomed. “You have been caught, trialled and found guilty of crimes against pure humanity. I here by pass sentence and here is your punishment. You are to be killed by crucifixion effective at once. You will remain there until all of your remaining lives are spent. You will die by sundown tomorrow Doctor.” The Court Master slammed a large metal sphere down on his desk. “This court has spoken! This court is adjourned!”

Two guards grabbed the Doctor roughly by the arms, but he snatched them away.

“You’re all monsters!” the Doctor shouted as he was forcefully pulled away. “You won’t get away with this! I’ll stop you! I’m the Doctor and I always win!”

The two guards forcefully led the Doctor down a corridor looking exactly the same as all the others in the complex; however this one gradually grew thinner and thinner. At the far end was a large steel door. As they approached it hissed open and the Doctor was thrown roughly inside.

He went to open it with his sonic screwdriver, only to find it had been taken from his jacket. He had no idea how it had been done as the guards had at no point searched him. He heard clicking and whirring and he watched as above him the steel panels slowly retracted to reveal a large glass dome. Above him were many rows of circular pews occupied by hundreds of white robed men. They were cheering and jeering and the Doctor realised his execution was to be public.

A door opposite opened up to reveal a large man in black robes and a black balaclava. The Doctor frantically began to ram against the door behind him in a desperate bid to escape. It was no use as the door remained solid and still.

He felt two firm hands grab him by the shoulders and throw him into the centre of the chamber. The black robed man hit him in the back of the knees forcing the Doctor to fall down. Again he heard whirring and clicking and a large steel bed zoomed out of the floor, at least fifty feet high. The black robed man pressed a remote control and spikes suddenly protruded out from the bed.

The Doctor suddenly went limp when the executioner tagged something to the back of his neck. The next thing he knew two metal clawed tentacles, similar to the ones that had been used on him during the torture, were attached about his wrists. The executioner then backed off and the Doctor found himself being raised into the air and
spun around, arms outstretched.

“Let the crucifixion begin!” the executioner roared, prompting shouts and screams from the crowd.

The white robed leader slowly lifted away his white mask, Alana’s face changing to one of physical repulsion. The mask was thrown down onto the floor as the man approached her again ready to kiss her. As he approached Alana could not help but release a terrifying scream.

As the man grew closer Alana closed her eyes and leaned as far away as she could do. As she began to think on what awful horrific things may occur the doors to the room hissed open to reveal another white robed warrior.

“Leader, the Doctor has been…” The man trailed off when he saw the mask on the table and the leader now paused closely before Alana’s face.

“What is the meaning of this interruption?” the leader snapped.

“We thought you may want to know that the Doctor’s crucifixion has begun,” the man replied.
“Good,” the leader said back. “Leave us.”
“But leader, your presence is required before the Doctor is actually killed. Our traditions demand it.”

“I am fully aware of our traditions,” the leader snapped turning to face his underling. He took a deep breath. “Very well,” he said. “I shall be there shortly.” The leader picked up his mask and replaced it.

“You said I could wish him goodbye,” Alana panted, still overcoming the shock.
“I lied,” the leader replied. He looked into Alana’s eyes. “I shall satisfy my want,” he said threateningly. “I shall return shortly once your friend has suffered his painful end.” The doors hissed shut behind him.

Alana, still tied down to the chair, tried to struggle against her bonds. They remained as strong as ever, concrete and unmoving. She attempted to thrust her arm forwards and her plan worked. Into her hand came the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver which she had pick pocketed during the commotion of her short lived escape attempt.

Careful as not to drop it Alana slowly manoeuvred the screwdriver so she was holding it loosely between two fingers at the bottom end, the emitter pointing roughly at her bond. Using her thumb she stretched and managed to activate it. The blue sonic waves beamed down onto the bond which suddenly sprung off.

With one arm free Alana had soon deactivated all of her bonds and was back on her feet. She ran towards the door only to feel a vice like hand on her shoulder. She spun to see the second guard from the other room, who had only been knocked out by Farol previously. The guard began to choke Alana, strangling her with his powerful crushing hand.

As Alana began to gasp for breath more and more she began flailing her arms against the man. One hand ended up hitting the buttons on the control panel and the device used to electrify the Doctor emerged from the inside of the table.

Alana grabbed it desperately but the guard pre-empted her attack. He released his choke hold and grabbed the weapon off of Alana. With his back turned Alana jumped onto him, wrapping her arms about his neck. The guard began to stumble around, trying to activate the weapon. Alana rammed the sonic screwdriver through one of the eyeholes in his mask and the guard, screaming horrendously, feel to his knees.
Alana snatched away the weapon and opened the door with the screwdriver, locking it behind her in exactly the same way.

Breathing heavily she looked around and chose to run left. She ran as fast she could and, just like when they landed the corridors were deserted. She turned a corner and the corridor was once again exactly the same. She took off again, halting when a thought occurred to her. The Doctor had said he had never seen the hieroglyphs on the walls, perhaps because they weren’t hieroglyphs. Perhaps they were doors.

Alana traced one out with her hand. She scanned it all over with the sonic screwdriver and nothing happened. She found another one and another and again and again nothing happened. She would not give up though, she was almost certain her hunch was correct. She went for another only to see a hovering camera watching her. It went to zoom off only to explode when it too was scanned with the screwdriver. Alana continued scanning the symbols on the wall.

The leader entered the audience chamber to see, in the dome, the Doctor ready and waiting to be impaled upon the wall of spikes. The audience saw the leader enter and at once they all rose to their feet, falling silent as the leader walked towards his designated seat.

As he was about to sit, which would signify the death of the Doctor, a robed man came rushing in. He approached the leader and his entourage under the gaze of everyone in the audience.

“Leader,” the man whispered, “the girl has escaped.” The leader turned sharply to look at this messenger. “How should we proceed?” The leader looked down into the dome and back at the messenger.

“Leader the Doctor must be executed now, to maintain your support; if not you run the risk of losing your leadership in favour of another. If that happens the Purge may not go ahead as planned.” The leader stood in thought for a moment.

“I shall accompany you to the command centre now,” the leader told the messenger.
“But sir…”
“At this moment the girl is more dangerous than he is. Have him locked up and beaten and make sure he is not allowed to say a word.” The leader turned and left. Much to the distaste of the crowd the Doctor was lowered and led out of the dome.

Alana’s plan eventually worked. One of the symbols let out a hissing a sound and steam spat out from behind the hidden door. The symbol opened up, the different sections each forming a different part of the door. Behind it was a small chamber in which two men stood. It must have been Alana’s lucky day as one of them was Farol, looking bruised, bloody and battered.

The other was typically villainous, with slicked back hair and a terribly scarred face. They were both looking at Alana.

“This would be your female friend now would it?” the scarred man, Thorn, said. “The more the merrier.”
“Get away from him,” Alana said through gritted teeth, aiming the sonic screwdriver at Thorn. He smiled.

“Don’t think I am stupid,” he growled. “I am all too familiar with Time Lord technology.” He showed Alana his knife. She swallowed hard. Thorn sneered at her. “Come in and join us,” he growled as he launched towards her, grabbing her by the arm. He pulled her inside and slammed her roughly against the wall. He went to slash her with the knife but Farol managed to distract him by grabbing his ankle.

Thorn turned and kicked Farol in the chin. Alana, however, was given the chance she needed. She tried to snatch the knife from Thorn’s hands, but when she was thrown backwards and when Thorn advanced again Alana merely launched her leg between his legs, causing Thorn to collapse to the floor in agony.

Alana helped Farol up to his feet and snatched the knife off of the weakened Thorn. Locking the door behind them, Alana helped Farol down the corridor.
After walking down several identical, empty corridors Alana placed Farol gently up against the wall.

“Are you alright?” she asked. He looked into her eyes. He was bleeding from several wounds.
“Alana?” he managed to groan.
“Yeah,” she told him, looking around frantically. “We need to find a way back to the Tardis.”
“Yeah it’s me,” she interrupted. “Do you think you can walk?”
“Yes it is me!” Alana snapped. Farol shook his head and pointed over her shoulder. She turned to see two robed and masked guards stood before them, with the Doctor between them, his arms slung about their shoulders.

“Stay back,” she warned brandishing Thorn’s knife. The guards merely dropped the Doctor and lifted their mechanical torches, both spitting large plumes of flames. Alana gulped.

As the guards advanced and as Alana backed off Farol managed to crawl over to the Doctor unnoticed. He tried to get the Doctor to wake up from his trance but he stared numbly into the air. Farol looked for some sort of a device that could be having this effect and turned the Doctor onto his front. He saw a device on the back of the Doctor’s neck. Farol managed to remove it and he slapped the Doctor across the face to wake him up.

The Doctor stared into the eyes of his almost unrecognisable companion for a moment.
“Farol?” he frowned. He looked around, still on his back and suddenly, regaining his composure he leapt to his feet. He saw the two guards advancing on Alana and cleared his throat to announce his presence. The two guards turned.

“He has been awoken,” one said.
“We should suppress him,” the other added.
“Yes, well when you’ve quite finished bullying my companion you may want to know that she has a little present for me, don’t you Alana?”
“Do I?” Alana replied. The Doctor smiled and nodded urgently as the guards advanced.
“The screwdriver!” the Doctor snapped. It suddenly dawned on Alana and she urgently tossed it to him. The two guards hesitated for a moment. The Doctor smiled at them. “One more step and I shall blow us all to bits,” he said, holding the screwdriver up as if it was an explosive.

“Is he bluffing?” one of the two enemies said.
“I am not sure.”
“No he’s not,” Alana told them, joining the Doctor and helping Farol to his feet again.
“Now,” the Doctor said. “Drop your weapons and kick them over here.” The guards hesitated. “Do it or you’ll be blown to bits before you can say white dressing gown!” the Doctor snapped.

“Dressing gown?” Alana asked. The Doctor looked at her in confusion. “Why dressing gown?”
“They look like dressing gowns,” the Doctor replied defensively. “I think they do anyway. Look we’re digressing. Do as I say or we all go boom!” The guards, afraid of the Doctor’s apparent instability, complied with his demands. Alana picked the two weapons up.

“Now I think it’s about time we had some answers,” she said. The Doctor turned to her again.
“That’s my line,” he told her. “May I remind you who exactly the leader here is,” he added angrily. He looked back at the guards and smiled. “Like she said. Answers, now.”

“We are unsure as to your demands,” one of the guards told him.
“Alright then,” the Doctor said. “Who are you?”
“We are The Clan.” The Doctor waited for more but nothing came.
“What’s this Purge I keep hearing about?”
“I don’t think you need to know that Time Lord,” the leader said from behind them. The Doctor turned to see the leader stood there with Thorn and three guards, each brandishing a burning mechanical torch.

“How did you…?” Alana began. The leader pointed up at a floating camera.
“An effective means of surveillance and very stealthy as well,” the leader told them.
“Shut up,” the Doctor snapped. “Answer my questions or we all blow up!”
“Don’t be so stupid,” Thorn said. “I know of Time Lord technology and that is no explosive. It’s a screwdriver. I hardly think we’re going boom any time soon.”
“Your face seems familiar,” the Doctor told Thorn. “Have we met before?”
“You are going to return to your cell Doctor and you Alana will be taken with him to await execution on the grounds of sympathising with alien kind.”
“But why do you want to execute the Doctor?” Alana shouted.
“Because I’m not pure human like they, supposedly, are,” the Doctor told her.
“But they aren’t human,” Alana replied. The Doctor turned to face her with a frown on his face.

“Take them all,” the leader ordered. The guards began to advance as the travellers backed off.
“If only we had a way to get to the Tardis,” Alana said.
“What did I tell you earlier Alana?” the Doctor said. He activated the screwdriver and the Tardis materialised around them. Within seconds Alana found herself back inside the safe control room of the Tardis. “The screwdriver is a remote for the Tardis remember?”
“I do now,” she said in embarrassment. Farol suddenly fell from her grip and collapsed on the floor.

“Quick, get him to infirmary chamber,” the Doctor snapped as Alana picked him back up. “Take a left, two rights, another left, another right and it’s the door at the end of the corridor. Hook him up to the machine. Go!” Alana carried Farol away. “He should be completely healed within two days, mentally and physically,” the Doctor told her on her return.

“Now what do we do?” she asked.
“Now we brainstorm,” the Doctor told her. “We need to find out what this purge is and who exactly they are, or rather what they are. You said they weren’t human?”
“Yeah,” Alana replied. “The leader tried to come on to me. He took off his mask.”
“What did he look like?”
“He was a Cyclops,” Alana said in astonishment. “He had one long oval eye, sort of horizontal so it took up the same amount of space as two eyes; and he had no lips, just sort of hole that opened up.”

“Did you see if he had hair?” the Doctor pressed urgently.
“Erm, I, I…”
“Think Alana, did he have any hair?”
“No, I don’t think so, just a sort of short horn; above the eye.” The Doctor nodded.
“He’s a sub-human,” he said. “Half-human half Cycloid. I should think the rest are the same, but why pretend to be pure-blood human? For what purpose?”
“Well the masks must be to hind their identity,” Alana added. The Doctor clicked his fingers.

“Yes!” he shouted. “They wear the masks and robes to hide what they actually are, which means they don’t want people to know they’re sub-human. They want people to think they’re pure-human xenophobes. But again for what purpose?”
“Don’t forget this Purge,” Alana added.

“And the Purge,” the Doctor said, now almost to himself as he paced up and down. “If they’re xenophobes it would suggest they want to purge somewhere of all other species but their own, so I’m guessing. But then if they want to be known as humans that means they’d have to kill their own brethren.”
“None of it makes any sense,” Alana said.
“Which is why I need answers,” the Doctor said heading for the outside.
“You’re not actually going back out there are you?” Alana said. But it was too late, the Doctor was already outside and Alana hesitantly joined him.

“Are you stupid Doctor?” the leader asked. The entire group was still there. The three guards headed straight for them only to be sent flying backwards by some unseen force.
“You’ll find my Tardis is now protected by a forcefield,” the Doctor explained. “Nothing can get through it so you would be well advised to SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO ME FOR ONCE!” the Doctor erupted. The others remained silent. “Now, why pretend to be xenophobic humans when you yourselves are sub-human?” the Doctor asked.

“Why should we tell you?” the leader asked. “You have no bargaining power.”
“Oh I think I do,” the Doctor replied. “You see my Tardis can blow us all up. It, like many other ships, has a self-destruct mechanism and then you can wave goodbye to this entire colony.”
“But you would kill yourself,” the leader replied.
“I’d regenerate,” the Doctor explained. “And anyway I could escape. You see the mechanism can be removed so all I have to do is throw it out of the doors as I dematerialise and you can wave goodbye to your precious little life. So, as I asked, why pretend to be human?”

“The Purge must go ahead under the name of pure-humanity in order for the death of Earth to become a reality,” the leader told him.
“Which means you want to destroy humanity? But why do that, I mean you are all sub-human yourselves. You’d be killing your own ancestors.”

“Our ancestors that are the only ones challenging our dominance over the rest of part mankind,” the leader spat. “Once the pure-bloods are gone we will be the most numerous breed of mankind in the galaxy and under The Clan we will begin a new sub-human dominated galaxy!”

“So you intend launch the Purge under the name of pure humanity to make them countless enemies which will then destroy Earth. Then you lead all branches of humanity in a glorious move against these new enemies in a so called revenge attack and conquer the galaxy.”
“But then in that case this Purge must be designed to fail,” Alana said.
“And it will,” the leader said. “Unfortunately for both of you our plans must now be brought forwards. While you were hiding inside your little box I have ordered the Purge to go ahead as soon as our ship’s cores are warmed and ready to be activated which should be in around thirty minutes.”

“I will stop you,” the Doctor said flatly.
“Oh I don’t think so,” Thorn said as the leader walked off. “You see with me and my men here you are going nowhere.”
“Are you sure we’ve never met because your face is really familiar,” the Doctor said.
“We’ve never met, no Doctor but I know why you recognise me. I am Thorn.”
“The convict,” the Doctor said at once. “You are the only man to have ever escaped a Time Lord prison.” Thorn smiled. “And why are you here?”

“Securing my existence,” Thorn replied. “The sole survivor of the destruction of Earth. They intend to grant me my own sector when all this is over.”
“Well let me tell you Thorn that you sided with the wrong people,” the Doctor replied. “Because I am going to stop them and I am going somewhere. You see this Tardis can travel anywhere in time and space provided I have the coordinates. So I am now going to go to your little docking bay and destroy each and every single one of your ships. The Purge will fail because it will never begin and your fiendish little scheme of galactic domination will fail. Do you want to know why? Because I will make it fail.”

“You won’t win this fight Doctor,” Thorn told him.
“Oh I always win,” the Doctor replied. “I always win because winning is what I do.” He turned and strode back into the Tardis, followed closely by Alana.
“But you don’t have the coordinates of their docking bay,” she said.
“You forget Alana I’ve been to this colony before,” the Doctor told her as he set the Tardis going.
“So what’s the plan?” Alana asked.
“The plan is this. We are going to link every ship together with these.” The Doctor showed Alana what he was holding in his palm, a cluster of small rounded objects each with a flashing green light on. “These little beauties are telepathic organic machines, like the Tardis. They will link the ships cores with each other and then, with a little jigerypokery and a bit of luck we simply short fuse the ships, disabling them and making sure the Clan can’t go anywhere.”

“Then what?”
“Then I address the workers,” the Doctor replied with a smile. “I told you when we first arrived this place is the Fifth Predon Lunar Colony remember? Now if the Purge is designed to fail it means there will be countless casualties on both sides. If the Clan intend to conquer the galaxy they won’t sacrifice their own numbers. So I’m guessing, and hoping, that they kept the Predonites alive and they will use them as the cannon fodder. No one will be able to tell the difference because they’ll be wearing robes and masks. So I tell them down in the docking bays that the Clan have failed, which they will have done once all the ships are down, and that they can revolt and take back their own colony.”

“Simple,” Alana said sarcastically.
“Hey, I never told you saving the galaxy were an easy job. But don’t worry, you’ve got me. That’s better than anything.” The Tardis stopped moving with a tremendous thud. “And I still haven’t gotten used to the whole landing thing,” the Doctor moaned.
He ran outside to find them parked in a large engine room of a huge spaceship. The Doctor smiled at Alana and took off. She followed, struggling to keep up with his fast pace.

The Doctor turned a corner and paused, staring at a huge transparent cylinder which glowed with a green light. The Doctor ran up to it and attached one of the small devices. He scanned it with his sonic screwdriver and the light turned red. The Doctor then ran back past Alana, who had just arrived and back into the Tardis.

The Doctor repeated this over and over again until eventually Alana gave up trying to keep up with him and remained inside the Tardis. After attaching the final device the Doctor ran back inside the Tardis and up to the controls, punching in a series of commands and rushing around the console like a mad man. He grabbed a lever and paused, smiling at Alana.

“We’re all ready,” he panted. “With a bit of luck this will be the final blow that’ll bring the Clan down from their high horse. Are you ready?” Alana nodded. The Doctor pulled the lever down with excessive enthusiasm. The Tardis groaned for a moment, a red light began to flash only to turn green and the console sparked and part of it erupted, throwing the Doctor backwards.

“Doctor, are you alright?!” Alana shouted, helping the Time Lord up. He brushed her away and ran back up to the console, checking the monitor. He put his hands on his head in exasperation.

“No, no, no, no, no, no!” he shouted. “It didn’t work!”
“What do you mean?” Alana asked, looking at the monitor and not making head or tail of the writing displayed on it. “Why didn’t it?”
“Someone tampered with the first link,” the Doctor explained. “They pulled it off meaning the Tardis overloaded with energy and just short-wired part of its own circuitry.”
“How bad is it?” Alana asked.

“Very,” the Doctor replied.
“Very, very. Don’t you understand? The spatial shifter is offline.”
“And that means?”
“It means that we can still enter temporal orbit but we can’t move anywhere! We can still travel through time but we can’t get off this damned colony!”
“Oh dear,” Alana said.

“That’s my phrase,” the Doctor snapped as he dived under the console and began ripping out wires and components. He’d look at a device and either shove it back in or toss it away. His method of repair was very crude in Alana’s eyes.
“Doctor we can still try and rouse rebellion,” Alana said.
“Yeah but I’d rather get my ship working again first,” the Doctor snapped.
“But that could take forever,” Alana protested. “There’s only fifteen minutes left before the purge begins!”

“Then do something about it,” the Doctor snapped as he got up and rapidly pressed several buttons and pulled several levers on the console. It sparked again and the Doctor dived back underneath the console.
“Fine, I will,” Alana snapped. She ran outside and looked around. She needed to find a way out of the ship.
She turned a corner and ran headlong into Thorn. He grabbed her, took his knife back, which she had lodged in her waistband, and threw her into the grip of a guard. They marched over to the Tardis.

“Doctor!” Thorn shouted. “Listen to us Doctor!”
Inside the Tardis the Doctor rushed to his feet and activated the external monitor to see the situation. He groaned in despair.
“Why do they always land themselves in trouble,” he moaned.
“We have your companion Doctor,” Thorn said. “We have destroyed the devices you had planted and we know what you were attempting to do. If you surrender yourself now she will not be harmed.”

The Doctor wasted no time in exiting his ship. He had not, however, disabled the forcefield.
“Give her back to me,” he ordered. “Or wave goodbye.”
“Do it then Doctor,” Thorn said. “Kill us and get it done with.” The Doctor didn’t move. Thorn had called his bluff and had succeeded. He laughed. “I didn’t think you would do it. Give up Doctor, it is over.”

The Doctor walked through the unseen forcefield and two guards immediately grabbed him. They searched him for the sonic screwdriver and confiscated it, handing it to Thorn.
“I guess there’s a first time for everything,” he said to Alana, telling her they had lost. Thorn laughed.
“Stay here and keep watch over his Tardis,” he ordered. The guards remained and Thorn led the two prisoners out of the ship and through the docking bay.

“So I was right,” the Doctor said looking down into the main chamber below them, where Predonites were lined up in their hundreds waiting to be given their robes and masks. “You use the Predonites as canon fodder and lose none of your men and at the same time wipe out every last scrap of evidence of the take over here. But what’s been puzzling me from the very beginning is why choose the fifth colony?”
“It is rich in plasma deposits,” Thorn explained. “That and this base suited our needs perfectly and was easier to convert than the other four colonies.”

“You know you shouldn’t do this,” Alana said, hoping the Doctor would click on. He did.
“Do what exactly?” Thorn snapped.
“You shouldn’t work for them Thorn,” the Doctor said taking over. “They don’t need a survivor from Earth to go ahead with the revenge attack. If anything they’ll kill you when Earth is destroyed.”

“What makes you think that then Doctor?” Thorn replied as they entered a lift.
“You’re human. Yeah I know they say they’re doing all this for galactic conquest but I can see through their lies,” the Doctor explained. “It’s nothing more than revenge on pure-bred humans. I know for a fact that the half Human half Cycloid off shoot has been the only one to have been ridiculed by pure humans. They just want to exact some revenge on those who ridiculed them, who called them ugly and repulsive and who sent the first Human-Cycloids to their deaths in the human’s war with the Threpnotions. That means they’re going to kill you too. Help us and I won’t turn you in to the GSS.”

“You can’t anyway Doctor, you’ve lost.”
“Not quite yet I haven’t,” the Doctor explained. “Let’s just say I always have a back up plan and believe me if it works, which it will, we are all going to blow up with the rest of this system.”
“You wouldn’t do that Doctor,” Thorn replied.
“I did it to my own people,” the Doctor replied. “Who says I won’t do it. Help us Thorn and redeem yourself.”
“Is this how a Time Lord begs for his life?”
“Oh I’m not begging for you to give me my life. I’m asking you to give me yours.” Thorn looked the Doctor straight in the eyes. “You know I will win, and when I do I will make sure you live just so you can continue living the rest of your life in Omega Prime.” For the first time Alana saw Thorn’s head fill with fear.

The leader and his entourage were stood in the control centre watching the proceedings in the docking bay on their monitor. The Predonites had started loading onto the freighters, which were now nearly warmed up. A counter showed the number nine on it, indicating how many minutes were left before the Purge went ahead.

“The first planet to be attacked will be Predon itself,” one of the masked men said.
“Population?” the leader asked.
“Twenty billion above and below ground,” the man replied.
“And soon they will all be dead,” the leader said, smiling as much of a smile as he could behind his mask. He turned as Thorn led the Doctor and Alana into the room.
“We meet again,” the Doctor said with a smile.
“I told you we would succeed Doctor,” the leader said. “You have lost after all. I will execute you however first I want you to witness the destruction of twenty billion Predonite lives.”

“You’re a monster,” Alana told him. “You’re as ugly on the inside as you are on the outside.”
“You idiot,” the Doctor moaned.
The leader approached Alana and gently moved a lock of her hair to one side. He put a hand on her shoulder and tightened his grip. The Doctor went to help but the leader grabbed his neck and tightened is hand, choking the Doctor. He threw the Doctor backwards and into the hold of one of the guards. The leader, with his now free hand, removed his mask to reveal his monocular mess of a face.

“I will take great pleasure in killing you slowly and painfully,” he growled. He threw Alana hard against the floor and turned back to the monitor.
“I’ve been thinking about our deal,” Thorn said. The leader now turned to him, probing him with his giant, black, bulbous eye. “I think I deserve more than a single sector for having captured these two.”

“Oh you do, do you?” the leader replied. He held out his hand and a guard placed a mechanical torch in it. This one was larger and more ornate than the others, clearly unique to the leader. He activated the weapon and a massive flame spat out the end.
“You will die with the rest of them,” the leader spat, walking up to Thorn who drew his knife.
“I told you,” the Doctor said, only to have his guard crush his arms. He fell to his knees in pain.

“In fact you will be the first to be killed in the Purge,” the leader growled. He pointed his weapon at Thorn and the flame surged forwards like a flame thrower, engulfing Thorn in a great inferno. He screamed and collapsed to the floor, the fire dissipating as if being blown out. Thorn had been left a smoking burned mess.
“You fool, he was helping you!” the Doctor shouted. The leader pointed his weapon at the Time Lord.

“If you are not careful Doctor you will not live to see that counter reach one.” The Doctor looked across to see it displaying the number one point five eight and dropping rapidly.
“You can’t do this!” Alana screamed. The leader turned and threatened to throw flames at the companion.
“No don’t!” the Doctor yelled, jumping to his feet and shrugging off the grip of his guard.
He shoulder barged the leader out of the way only to once again get grabbed by his guard and be crushed to his knees. Guards approached Alana to do the same as she backed off. It was then the woman from London remembered what she had taken from the torture room. She pulled out the small weapon and fired it at the guards who were soon engulfed in green energy. They flew backwards and were sent crashing through the glass windows.

Alana fired the energy at the control panels which erupted in sparks and smoke and sent the nearby masked men crashing to the floor. The guard holding the Doctor advanced towards her only to be sent backwards by the green electricity.

The Doctor grabbed Alana and shoved her outside the control room, the two of them running for their lives as guards entered through side doors and advanced with their flame prods. The two travellers entered the lift and took off.
“Chase them and kill them!” the leader spat.

The guards ran into the lift shaft and leaped down onto the top of the lift. They began to burn through the metal with their weapons. The Doctor took the weapon off of Alana and ripped off the lift controls. It was then he realised he hadn’t grabbed his sonic screwdriver off of Thorn. He sent the lift back up.

As the Doctor ran back into the fiery control room he saw the leader waiting for him. His robes were singed and most had burned away revealing coarse skin. The mask was broken and shattered leaving the bottom right half of his face exposed.

“You have ruined everything!” the leader spat. “You alien scum!”
The leader went to engulf the Doctor in flames but Thorn lunged forwards, grabbing the torch off of the robed enemy. The burned and dying Thorn fell to the floor motionless.
The leader spat at him before grabbing the Doctor by the neck. He applied pressure, smiling as best he could.
“I will kill you with my own two hands Doctor! You can not stop the Purge, not now!”
“Oh, I think you’ll find you are mistaken,” the Doctor choked. He fired the tazer at the leader who collapsed backwards.

The Doctor grabbed Thorn, taking back his sonic screwdriver and carrying the almost lifeless body back to the lift.
He got in the lift and the last thing he saw as the lift doors closed was the leader getting to his feet before being engulfed in a massive explosion.
As it went back down to the docking area the robed guards crashed down into the lift. Still weak and injured Thorn tackled one down to the ground and Alana jumped on the back of a second. The Doctor ignored the third one, who had pulled Alana off and slammed her against a wall, and finally finished the modification to the weapon.

He dodged aside as the weapon fired into the lift controls. A single purified energy beam shot forwards and disintegrated the two guards as the lift doors opened up.
The Doctor pulled Thorn to his feet and followed Alana back into the docking bay and into the vessel containing the Tardis. Only seconds remained before the ships would be able to fire up their engines.

They reached the Tardis and the Doctor wasted no time lunging beneath the console.
“What about the purge?” Alana asked. “Twenty billion lives are at stake!” The Doctor looked at her. He winked.
“I’m working on it,” he said.
“You’re working on your machine and we have less than thirty seconds to go!” Alana roared.
“Patience is a virtue,” the Doctor replied as he ripped out wires and replaced them with random items from his pockets. He jumped up and activated the monitor. He typed in a message and pressed enter.

The Doctor ran outside and heard the message being played through the speakers. The message was being read by a mechanised voice throughout the entire complex. It was telling the Predonites how they could overthrow the Clan because the ships wouldn’t work.
“But they will,” Alana protested as she heard the message after following the Doctor.
“I know they will at the moment,” he said lunging back inside up to the controls. He rushed about the console like a mad man inputting commands and avoiding sparks. He rammed a lever down and pressed enter on the monitor keyboard. It beeped back at him. He hit it again and again it beeped.

“The engines will be firing up Doctor,” Alana informed him. The Doctor pulled out a sledge hammer and hit the console with it. The column began moving and outside a massive explosion sounded.
“Not any more they won’t!” the Doctor shouted. He watched the Predonites on the monitor. “Come on people work it out,” he said under his breath. He noticed several of the oppressed aliens toss aside their masks and robes and attack their Clan guards. “YES!” the Doctor roared, jumping up and hugging Alana. He realised what he was doing and pulled away, clearing his throat. “I mean, erm, good job.”

“We did it,” Alana panted falling to the floor. The Doctor smiled and inputted several coordinates. “How did you fix the Tardis?”
“Oh just used an old trick, involving a yoyo and an old pen.” Alana looked at him. “I think you’re better off not asking,” he said. She nodded.
“What about Thorn?” she asked.

The Tardis materialised inside a small prison cell. The Doctor and Alana emerged carrying Thorn. They threw him down on the bed and turned to look at the watchman.
“His name is Thorn,” the Doctor said. “Look him up and you’ll find what he’s guilty for. Life imprisonment it is for him I’m afraid.” With that the two travellers turned and went back inside the Tardis.
“What about Farol?” Alana asked back inside.
“He should be alright in another day or so,” the Doctor replied.
“You never told me what you actually did Doctor,” she replied.
“Oh, well, you see it’s a simple trick really. All you need to do is a blow up a control room console, cause a few big explosions, then just feed the fire. All I did was pump a bit of oxygen upstairs and hey presto, you have yourself an exploding space ship. I suppose some thanks should be thrown your way for making the console explode.” A beep came from his monitor and he went to see what it was.

“What is it?” Alana asked.
“Oh well that’s very nice of them,” the Doctor said. “The Predonites have sent me a message saying they have viewed the security tapes and have seen what we did. They thank us and say we are welcome any time.” The Doctor frowned. “Don’t know how they got my coordinates though.”
“Some things were meant to remain a mystery,” Alana said. The Doctor exchanged a smile with her. “So where to next?” she asked.
“Wherever the ship may take us,” the Doctor replied as he inputted a command, once more causing sparks to fly from the console and making the column move.