1. Prologue: Life Doesn't Go On [Reviews - 3] (361 words)
This is a revamp and yeah I hope you enjoy it. Dedicated to all my whovian pals!

2. Chapter 1: Sweet, Hurtful Memories [Reviews - 0] (537 words)
Wow one review already! And that was only a few minutes... that is amazing... thankyou to my first reviewer Gallimar! And on with the fic... if you notice any errors in the editing tell me

3. Chapter 2: Disbelief [Reviews - 0] (385 words)
Third Chapter up... I'm gonna stop there for tonight, just because I am really tired, more will be up in the next few days!

4. Chapter 3: Lost in Their Dreams [Reviews - 0] (407 words)

I am back! Finally school is over. I have posted like up to Chapter 9 I think on Fanfiction so I tought I would do that here too!

Also I need a beta BADLY! If anyone would care to offer their services I would be grateful. BONUSES include getting a sneak peek at the brand new chapter of Mother In Law Nightmare!!!

More to come tonight

5. Chapter 4: Precious Words [Reviews - 1] (601 words)

6. Chapter 5: A Little Bit Crazy [Reviews - 0] (651 words)

7. Chapter 6: Really Bad Timing, Time Lord [Reviews - 0] (413 words)
This gets funnnier and funnier. The angst is resolved so wait and see...

8. Chapter 7: Getting Back & Shock [Reviews - 0] (312 words)

Another One! Okay I am speed typing here. Any mistakes please tell me and I will fix them up. I just wanna get some of the really good chapters up.

9. Chapter 8: Opening the Doors [Reviews - 0] (657 words)

10. Chapter 9: Stepping Out [Reviews - 1] (577 words)
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