Never Say Never Ever

the doctor leaned forward over the console to flick a switch on the other side
rose crept up behind him and whispered “danara”
“what!” he swivelled around suddenly “danara surely you must remember doctor”
“how do you know about that”
“doctor I didn’t know you kept a diary” said rose deliberately not answering his question
as she new how much he hated it. “it..Its not a diary its a journal” he retorted remembering Samantha’s words and EVERYTHING he and Sam had done together.
“All the others doctor...” rose whispered shattering his thoughts “why never ever me”
“never say never ever” the doctor said as he leaned in and kissed her
his lips opened and his tongue flicked over hers her heart skipped a beat
“never say never ever” his words passing through her mind again and
again her one heart pounding she broke away “your right doctor never say never
the doctor just smiled.