Author's Notes:
Semi-drabble for the promot Wake

“Theta Sigma, get up.” A very insistent voice said in Theta’s left ear. “Get up, Theta!”

Theta made a noise very like a whine and buried his head further under his pillow. “Go away. Not getting up.”

“Theta, we’re going to be late. Again.” Fingers tugged at his curly hair. “You’re the one who signed us up for this class.”

“You let me. Go on without me. I’ll catch up.” He lied from under the pillow.

Koschei yanked the pillow off Theta’s head. “No you won’t; you’ll go back to sleep.” He grumbled. Theta rolled over to glare at him. Koschei glared back.

“Well if someone hadn’t worn me out last night…” Theta grabbed for the pillow and missed grabbing the front of Koschei’s shirt. With a grin, Theta pulled him down.

Koschei made a face then kissed Theta. “Get up. I’m not making excuses for you again.” He bit Theta’s lower lip.

“Tell them I’ve lapsed into a coma.” Theta yawned.

“I’ll put you in a coma,” Koschei muttered and shoved Theta onto the floor.

Theta grinned. “You’re not that good, Koschei.”