Early Class

by kijikun [Reviews - 0]

  • All Ages
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  • Femslash

Author's Notes:
Short little semi-drabble to the promot Wake.

Rachel buried her head under her pillow, ignoring her sorta-girlfriend-roommate. Danny shoved her again, pushing Rachel closer to the edge of the bed.

“Come on, ‘Chel. You’re the one who signed us up for this class. On a Saturday.” Danny pointed out. “At eight in the bloody morning.”

“Temporary insanity. Never happen again.” Rachel held up two fingers. “On my honor.”

Danny pulled the pillow off her head. “Up! We’re not showing up late again.”

Rachel whimpered and stuck out her bottom lip. “The sun isn’t even up yet.” She protested.

Danny sighed and kissed Rachel firmly. “Do you really want to let Michael and Victoria finish the modified trebuchet? I’m sure Michael will be happy to take credit for your designs and most of your work…”

“The hell he will!” Rachel rolled out of bed. “Little twit could have designed it in his dreams. He didn’t even understand the physics of why it works.”

“Atta girl,” Danny grinned. “Now get dressed would you — how do you always wind up in my knickers?”

“Hey, I’m wearing mine when I go to bed,” Rachel grinned, pulling on her jeans.