It Was a Dark and Spooky Night

by Freya [Reviews - 0]

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Tegan was dressed in a small blue silk robe that barely covered her nightie but it was enough not to warrant any worry of accidentally becoming too revealing. With a twist of a knob, the Doctor ordered the TARDIS to generate possible sources for the strange energy in the small town.

As the TARDIS generated possible sources for the strange energy in Little Holcombe, the Doctor stood by Tegan's side, his gaze fixed on the swirling holographic projections that materialized before them. The projections displayed various locations in the town, highlighting areas of anomalous energy readings.

The Doctor examined each projection carefully, analyzing the data and searching for patterns or connections. It was clear that the energy signatures were not natural occurrences but were somehow tied to external influences.

"Interesting," the Doctor murmured, tapping his chin thoughtfully. "These energy readings seem to converge around the town's old abandoned factory. It's been empty for years, but it appears something or someone has reactivated it."

Tegan looked at the holographic projections, her brow furrowed with concern. "Do you think that's where the source of the strange occurrences is coming from, Doctor?"

"It's quite possible," the Doctor replied, his voice filled with a mix of curiosity and determination. "There's a strong likelihood that whatever is happening in Little Holcombe is centered around that factory. We'll need to investigate further to uncover the truth."

With a swift motion, the Doctor adjusted the TARDIS controls, setting the coordinates to take them directly to the old factory. He knew time was of the essence, and they couldn't afford to waste any more moments unraveling the mystery that gripped the town.

As the TARDIS materialized near the factory, the Doctor and Tegan stepped out, their senses alert and their minds focused on the task at hand. The factory loomed before them, it's darkened windows and decaying structure hinting at the secrets it held within.

"Stay close, Tegan," the Doctor advised, his voice filled with a mix of caution and protectiveness. "We don't know what awaits us inside."

Tegan nodded, her eyes fixed on the factory. She trusted the Doctor's guidance, knowing that he would do whatever it took to keep her safe.

Together, they entered the factory, their footsteps echoing through the empty halls. The air was heavy with otherworldly energy, tinged with a sense of foreboding. As they ventured deeper, they discovered signs of recent activity—a flickering light here, an overturned object there.

"It seems we're not alone," the Doctor whispered, his senses heightened as he continued to lead the way. "Someone has been here recently, and they're connected to the strange energy readings."

They followed the trail of clues, navigating the maze-like corridors of the factory. The air grew colder, and the energy around them intensified. They reached a large chamber where a dim light flickered ominously, casting eerie shadows on the walls.

In the center of the chamber stood a figure, cloaked in darkness. The Doctor and Tegan approached cautiously, their eyes fixed on the mysterious figure.

"Who are you?" the Doctor called out, his voice echoing through the chamber. "What is your connection to the energy disturbances in this town?"

The figure turned slowly, revealing a face hidden beneath a hood. It was a familiar face—a face the Doctor recognized all too well.

"Omega," the Doctor gasped, his voice a mix of surprise and realization. "What are you doing here? And what have you done to Little Holcombe?"

Omega smirked, his eyes gleaming with a mixture of arrogance and malice. "Doctor, my old friend. I've been waiting for this reunion. Little Holcombe is merely a piece in a much grander plan. But fear not, I'll gladly explain everything before I dispose of you."

Tegan's eyes widened in shock as she realized the gravity of the situation. The Doctor and Omega were locked in a confrontation that threatened not only their lives but the fate of
the entire town.

As the tension built, the Doctor's mind raced, searching for a way to outwit Omega and protect Tegan, as well as the innocent lives caught in the midst of their battle. Little did they know that the true nature of Omega's plan and the depth of the challenges they would face was yet to be revealed.

"And he's not alone." Tegan's heart sank as she saw her grandfather, Andrew Verney, stepping out of the shadows alongside Omega. Confusion and disbelief washed over her. How could her own grandfather be aligned with someone as dangerous and malevolent as Omega?

"Grandfather... What is this? Why are you with him?" Tegan's voice trembled with a mix of fear and betrayal.

Andrew Verney looked at Tegan with a cold, distant expression, his eyes devoid of the warmth and love she had always known. "Tegan, my dear, you were always so naive. You could never see the bigger picture, the power that awaits those who dare to grasp it."

Tegan's mind raced, trying to make sense of the situation. She had always thought her grandfather was a kind and gentle man, someone she could trust implicitly. But now, faced with this unexpected revelation, she felt a profound sense of loss and confusion.

The Doctor's gaze shifted between Omega and Andrew Verney, his mind working quickly to assess the situation. "Omega, what hold do you have over Andrew Verney? What has driven him to ally himself with you?"

Omega chuckled darkly, reveling in the Doctor's confusion. "Ah, Doctor, you always ask the right questions. But I'm afraid your friend here has willingly joined me. He seeks the power and knowledge that I can provide, the opportunity to reshape the universe according to his desires."

Tegan's voice trembled as she interjected, her eyes pleading with her grandfather. "Grandfather, please! This isn't you! You've always cared for me, protected me. What has happened to you?"

Andrew Verney's expression remained cold and distant as he replied, "Tegan, my dear, I have spent ages seeking a cure for my friend Ian Chesterton. He offers me the cure free and clear without harming you! Ian can be human again!" Verney argued.

"What's wrong with Chatterton? Cancer? Diabetes? Corns on his feet because he's stood in the same place too long?" The Doctor couldn't help himself. Mocking Ian Chesterton was too deeply ingrained in his psyche. Even in the man's absence.

"No, Doctor, he has lycanthropy. He's been infected with it since before his move here to Little Holcombe in 1966. He was attacked in a back alley after his wedding reception in London by another werewolf in 1965. He said it was Ringo Starr who bit him."

"If I didn't know better I think my grandfather has been drinking."

The Doctor's eyes narrowed as he assessed the situation. "Lycanthropy? Werewolves? That's quite an extraordinary claim, Andrew. Are you suggesting that Ian Chesterton has become a werewolf?"

Andrew Verney nodded, his expression unwavering. "Yes, Doctor. It's true. Ian has been living with this curse for decades, and I have been searching for a way to cure him. Omega has promised me the means to free him from this affliction."

Tegan's mind reeled with the revelation. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. Ian Chesterton, the man who had been a trusted friend and mentor to the Doctor, was now supposedly a werewolf.

"But why align yourself with Omega, Grandfather?" Tegan pleaded, her voice filled with a mix of desperation and disbelief. "Surely there must be another way to help Ian without resorting to such extreme measures."

Andrew Verney's gaze hardened, and he took a step closer to Tegan. "Tegan, my dear, you don't understand. I've seen the suffering Ian has endured, the pain he has kept hidden all these years. Omega's offer is a chance for him to be free, and to live a normal life again. I couldn't ignore that opportunity."

The Doctor's voice carried a mixture of concern and determination as he spoke. "Andrew, I understand your desire to help Ian, but Omega is a dangerous individual. His methods and motives are not to be trusted. There must be another way, a safer way to find a cure."

Omega interjected, a sly smile playing on his lips. "Ah, Doctor, always the voice of reason. But I'm afraid your pleas fall on deaf ears. Andrew Verney has made his choice, and he stands by it. Now, it's time for you to make yours."

The Doctor's mind raced, contemplating his next move. He knew he had to find a way to stop Omega and protect Tegan, but he also understood Andrew Verney's desperation to help his friend. There had to be a solution that didn't involve making deals with a malevolent being.

"Tegan, we can't let Omega succeed in his plans," the Doctor said firmly, his eyes locked with hers. "But we also can't abandon Andrew. We'll find another way to help Ian, to find a cure that doesn't involve risking innocent lives or falling into Omega's clutches."

Tegan nodded, determination shining in her eyes. "I trust you, Doctor. We'll stop Omega and find a way to save Ian without compromising our principles."

The Doctor smiled, grateful for Tegan's unwavering support. "Together, Tegan, we'll find a way. But first, we need to deal with Omega and put an end to his dangerous schemes."