Holiday Surprise

by badly_knitted [Reviews - 0]

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  • Drama, Fluff, Romance, Standalone

Author's Notes:
Written for my Mini Summer Bingo Prompt ‘Cruise’ at fffc. Expanded slightly from the original triple drabble.

“I’ve been thinking,” Jack said, sneaking up behind Ianto where he was busy at one of the banks of filing cabinets in the archives, sliding his arms around his lover’s waist and nuzzling his neck.

Ianto smiled to himself, leaning back slightly into Jack’s embrace. “Have you now?” he asked, amused. “You should be careful; don’t want to strain yourself.”

Naturally he wasn’t the least bit surprised by Jack’s presence; the older man’s pheromones had reached his nose in plenty of time to give Ianto fair warning, so aside from his teasing comment, he scarcely reacted, just continued with his filing, determined to clear the backlog that had built up thanks to the past few days being particularly busy.

“Very funny.” Jack nipped playfully at Ianto’s earlobe and smirked in satisfaction as he felt his lover shiver slightly. “Seriously though,” he murmured, “how would you feel about going on a cruise for our holidays this year?”

Ianto paused his filing to give the idea the consideration it deserved, keeping in mind whose idea it was. “Depends. When you say ‘cruise’ do you mean two weeks aboard a top-of-the-line cruise liner, being waited on hand and foot while we relax and soak up the sun, or a working holiday on a cargo ship, searching for alien stowaways?”

“Oh ye of little faith!” Even though Ianto couldn’t see Jack’s face, he could hear the pout in his lover’s voice. “I mean a proper cruise, on a fancy liner. First class cabin, dining at the Captain’s table, slow dancing in the ballroom, and sipping fruity cocktails beneath the stars. The whole luxury package, no expenses spared.”

“Just checking; can never be too sure with you. Last time you invited me ‘sailing’ we wound up spending the afternoon in a paddle boat on the boating lake.”

“But you had a good time, didn’t you?”

Ianto couldn’t disagree. “It was fun, I’ll give you that. So, a real, actual cruise, huh?” Ianto tucked the folder he was holding into its proper place.

“Two weeks sailing round the Caribbean; how does that sound?”

“Pretty damn good, actually. Sunning ourselves on deck, swimming in the pool, perhaps going ashore at a few places to see the sights… Yes, I think a cruise would be lovely.”

“Good, because it’s already booked. We fly out on Wednesday.”

Turning to look at Jack, Ianto raised one eyebrow. “Really? So glad you didn’t wait until the last minute to tell me,” he commented dryly. “Looks like I’d better hurry up and get this filing finished so I can pack.”

Nevertheless, despite the last-minute warning, the cruise turned out to be the perfect holiday, with glorious weather, several trips ashore to take in the scenery and do a spot of shopping, and one of the best cabins on the ship.

Lounging by the open-air swimming pool, wearing nothing but swimming trunks, sunglasses, and a thorough coating of waterproof sunscreen, Ianto sipped one of the fruity cocktails Jack had mentioned, complete with a little umbrella, and smiled. “I can’t believe we’ve never done this before. How about we cruise the coast of Norway next time? I hear the Fjords are breath-taking.”

“Fjords, huh?” Jack sipped his own drink through a curly straw as he thought about it. “I’ve never seen a Fjord, but if that’s what you want… Soon as we get home I’ll do some research, see what I can find.”

Nothing was too good for Ianto.

The end