St Belique to Henrietta Street

by Scarlet_Moon [Reviews - 0]

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  • Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Missing Scene

1. Something Old [Reviews - 0] (1251 words)
I wrote these out of order, so each chapter really is a standalone story. They are Eight/Fitz-centred, but nothing shippy enough happens to warrant the slash tag.

The Doctor is getting married, except his bride is gone and he's on his deathbed.

2. Something New [Reviews - 0] (1862 words)
The night before the Doctor's wedding is not as joyous as it should have been.

3. Something Borrowed [Reviews - 0] (2828 words)
In a chamber of a palace that does not exist, the Doctor has his heart cut out.

4. Something Blue [Reviews - 0] (1197 words)
The TARDIS finally leaves Henrietta Street.