An Easier Way

by badly_knitted [Reviews - 0]

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  • Drama, Fluff, Romance, Standalone

Author's Notes:
Written for Challenge 394: Preparation at fan_flashworks.

It had taken a certain amount of misdirection and subterfuge, but Jack had managed to keep the work on the old Torchwood warehouse a secret from Ianto until it was mostly completed. The spacious flat he’d designed, with the help of a talented architect, took up most of the top floor, with the rest occupied by a roof garden, and when Jack had finally shown it to Ianto his lover had been both amazed and appreciative.

After the initial viewing they’d still had a lot of work to do, choosing paint colours for the walls and trims, tiles for the bathrooms, kitchen, and a laundry room on the floor below, carpets for some of the floors, curtains and blinds for the windows… They’d done the painting in the master bedroom themselves, just so they could feel more like it was theirs, but they’d left the rest to professionals, and six-weeks after Jack sprung the surprise on Ianto, they began making preparations to move in.

The painted walls had dried by then, and the paint smell had dissipated. All the tiling was complete, the carpets they’d picked out had been laid and the curtains hung, but the rooms were still on the empty side The first thing they needed was furniture, and they spent a whole evening going through Ianto’s small flat deciding what to keep and what to donate. Then, the first chance they got they went furniture shopping.

Table, chairs, and a sideboard for the dining room, sofas and armchairs for the big living room, TV and sound system, storage units, appliances for the kitchen… there were so many things they needed! Nevertheless, just under a month later everything they’d picked out had been delivered, installed where necessary, arranged, re-arranged, and then moved again until they were both happy with the positioning.

Ianto collapsed onto a sofa he and Jack had just moved for the fifth time. “We’re not moving it again, Jack.”

“No, you were right earlier, this is the best place for it,” Jack agreed, sitting next to him. “Isn’t this great? Everything’s sorted, we can move in tomorrow!”

“What?” Ianto turned to stare incredulously at his lover. “Tomorrow? There’s no way we can move in that soon!”

“Why not? The place is furnished now, so it’s all ready for us!”

“The new flat might be ready, but I’m not,” Ianto said firmly.

Jack frowned, confused. “What do you mean you’re not ready? I thought you wanted to move in with me!”

“I do, Jack, there’s nothing I want more, but whenever we haven’t been working we’ve been so busy getting things ready here that I haven’t even started preparing for the move.”

“Preparing?” Jack was completely lost now. “What do you need to prepare?”

“How about everything? I’ve got to pack all my belongings into boxes, sort through all the accumulated junk, and throw out the stuff I don’t need, that kind of thing. It all takes time. Not to mention we’re supposed to be having my bed here, and that’s still in use back at my flat. It needs to be dismantled, transported here, put back together, then made up with fresh bedding.”

“Right, so we’ll move the bed first, then we can sleep here…” Jack started, but Ianto cut him off.

"No way! First we get boxes and start packing everything I’m not using at the moment. Then when we’ve got that lot moved, we can pack the rest, just leaving the essentials, like the bed, some clothes, toothbrush, and razor. We’ll bring those things over last of all, once I’ve cleared the rest of my flat.”

“But that’ll take forever!” Jack protested.

“Not forever, Jack, hopefully no more than two or three weeks, if we’re not too busy at work.”

“Might as well be forever,” Jack grumbled, pouting. “I thought we’d be all settled in by tomorrow night.”

“You thought wrong; moving house isn’t that easy.”

They sank into silence for a few minutes before Jack suddenly sat up straighter. “Forget your plans; I’ve got a better idea.”

“Really.” Ianto sounded dubious; he knew from long experience what Jack’s ideas were like. He could turn the simplest task into a disaster of epic proportions.

“Yes, really. Here’s what we need to do: We pack all your essentials first and move them here. Then we can go to your old flat whenever we have time, pack things in boxes and bring them over here, put everything in the bedrooms we’re not using. That way, once everything is moved we can sort through it at our leisure while already enjoying our new home.” Jack smiled, satisfied with his idea. “Cuts way down on preparation time.”

Ianto thought that over for several minutes but couldn’t find any reason not to do what Jack was suggesting. It really would be a lot simpler, and he’d be able to give up the lease on his flat before next month’s rent came due.

“That’s actually not a bad plan.” He smirked at Jack. “Guess you’re not just a pretty face.”

“I could have told you that. So we’ll do it my way?” Jack asked hopefully.

“We will, starting tomorrow with moving a few essentials and all the furniture we’re keeping. Rift permitting,” Ianto added, crossing his fingers for luck.

“We can borrow Mickey’s van; that way we don’t have to rent one. Maybe if we ask him nicely he might even agree to help. Make a couple of trips, load as much as we can each time, then pack everything else in boxes to move over the next few days. We can shove the furniture we don’t want to one side so that when we’re done moving your stuff, we can take the rest to that place that helps get homeless people back on their feet.”

Ianto relaxed into the comfort of the new sofa, feeling the stress melt away. “And here I was thinking moving house took a lot of careful preparation.”

Jack grinned back at him. “Sometimes if you think things through it’s possible to find an easier way.”

The End