Burning Question

by badly_knitted [Reviews - 0]

  • All Ages
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  • Drama, Humor, Mystery, Standalone

Author's Notes:
Written for Prompt 241: Hunk at anythingdrabble.

Everyday weirdnesses aside, Andy was gradually adjusting to life with Torchwood. He liked his new job, and now that he’d survived the many and varied disasters of his month-long probationary period, he found he was a lot less nervous around his colleagues. For their part, the Torchwood team had at last accepted him as one of their own. He was a fully-fledged Torchwood Field Agent, with all the perks and downsides that entailed.

It was certainly different from being a copper, not least because it meant he didn’t wear a uniform now. He got to wear casual clothes every day, and if more of his wardrobe was getting destroyed now than had ever happened in his regular life, well, he could afford to buy new; he was raking it in, practically wealthy.

The high wages were in compensation for the long hours and extreme danger, which he supposed was only fair. As an officer of the Heddlu, he’d been used to set working hours, days off, and several weeks’ holiday a year, but Torchwood had none of that, plus the risk of getting slaughtered by aliens, or turned into something not even remotely human, or being blown to pieces by a faulty piece of tech. Still, even police work wasn’t without risks, he’d been punched, stabbed, and had bottles smashed over his head. At least now he had the weapons he needed to protect himself, and more experienced people around him as backup.

So, all in all he felt he was settling in well, getting used to Jack’s innuendos, Owen’s snark, and Gwen’s well-meaning mothering, while relishing Ianto’s coffee and sarcastic quips. Toshiko he was still a little in awe of, because how often did a guy like him get to spend time with a certified genius? But he was sure he’d eventually get over that and learn to speak intelligibly in her presence.

The Pteranodon, Myfanwy, was a bit alarming, but she was getting used to his presence and at least she’d stopped divebombing him. From her point of view it must have been unsettling having a stranger in her home. Ianto had been right though; bribing her with chocolate had helped.

One thing, however, was still a mystery to him, and Andy finally felt comfortable enough around his teammates to ask a question that had been bugging him since he’d first set foot in the Hub.

“Ianto, can I ask you something? Nothing personal, just something I’ve been wondering about this place.”

“Ask away; always happy to share my vast knowledge of all things Torchwood.”

Andy knew that was no idle boast; Ianto Jones knew more about Torchwood than even Jack did.

“I’ve been wondering for weeks, but why d’you keep moving that big hunk of rock around? Every day I come in, it’s in a different place.”

Ianto laughed. “That hunk of rock as you call it isn’t a rock; it’s an alien. We call him Bob. Why don’t I introduce you?”

More Torchwood weirdness: it figured.

The End