A Delightful Surprise

by badly_knitted [Reviews - 0]

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  • Drama, Fluff, Romance, Standalone

Author's Notes:
Written for Prompt 240: Delight at anythingdrabble.

“What’re your plans for today?” Jack asked, coming to lean against the counter beside the coffee machine, where Ianto was getting ready to brew the first round of the day.

The Rift was entering one of its periodic slow spells, meaning nothing was likely to come through for at least three or four days, maybe as long as a week if they were really lucky.

“Haven’t given it much thought,” Ianto said, switching the machine on. He glanced towards his lover with a resigned smile. “Filing, probably. Maybe some sorting in the archives, assuming Owen doesn’t expect me to clean up whatever mess he makes in the autopsy bay.” There was never a shortage of work for Torchwood’s GSO. “That’s after I feed and clean out the inmates, of course.”

“You work too hard.”

“Yes, well, try telling my boss that.”

Jack smirked. “That’s your boss’s opinion too. In fact, he thinks you deserve some time away from the Hub.”

Ianto sighed, shaking his head. “Don’t even suggest I take the day off. It’ll only mean I have twice as much work to do tomorrow. If I don’t keep on top of things the Hub will descend into chaos.”

“How about if I promise to have you back here in a couple of hours?” Jack’s grin widened as an oddly familiar wheezing, groaning sound filled the Hub.

“Is that...?” Ianto started, but there was no need to finish the question. Even as he turned to look in the direction the sound was coming from, the TARDIS faded into view near the Rift pool.

“I contacted the Doctor, asked if he’d mind taking us away for a few days. You get some well-deserved time off, and we can be back here before the others have a chance to make a mess. How does that sound?”

A delighted smile spread across Ianto’s face, making him look younger. “Seriously? We could go to another planet?”

“Always said I’d show you the stars someday. Why not now?”

Ianto wasn’t normally impulsive, he preferred to think things through carefully before making any big decisions, but this time... “Yes! I’d love that!”

“Good, because I already packed for both of us. We won’t need much, we can pick out any clothes we want from the TARDIS’s wardrobe, or buy something suitable when we arrive, but I know you can be particular when it comes to certain things, so I packed some of the essentials you keep in my bunker.”

“I never knew you could be so considerate.”

“I have my moments. This is the first step in my plan to be a better boyfriend; I’ve been taking you too much for granted.”

“Well, I would never have said so...”

“I know you wouldn’t, but it’s true.”

The door to the TARDIS opened and the Doctor poked his head out. “All aboard then!”

Jack held out his hand. “Ready to go sample a few of the delights the universe has to offer?”

Ianto nodded. “Lead the way!”

The End