Author's Notes:
Sunbathing with the most stylish TARDIS team.

Inspired by prompts 005 and 006 from vocab_drabbles on Dreamwidth: “imperious” (arrogant and domineering) and “apricate” (to bask in the sun).

The Doctor felt rather than saw the shadow coming between him and the sun. He cracked one eye open to see Peri, arms crossed, standing over him.

“Seriously, Doctor?” she asked. “Sunbathing in all your clothes?”

“Seriously, Peri?” he mimicked. “We have got a wardrobe on the TARDIS, if you want something with fewer bits missing.”

“Hey, I like this bikini,” she protested. “And I put on sunscreen.”

“Well, I like my clothes,” he said. “And you can’t tell me what to do. I shall wear what I like.”

“And so will I,” she said, stretching out on her towel.