Author's Notes:
Chivalry vs. Ace.

Seven & Ace, written for the dw100 community challenge 891: gander.

“What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander”: what’s appropriate to one person/situation is equally appropriate to another. A gander is a male goose.

Dashing Sir Henry helped Ace down from her horse without a second thought, swinging her gracefully to the ground. He didn’t notice what the Doctor did: a trace of frustration in her face. I could’ve done that myself.

So rather than hopping off his own horse, the Doctor waited pointedly for assistance.

Sir Henry looked back to see his second guest still perched on his mount. The Doctor extended a hand and let the startled baronet help him down.

“I’m unused to riding, you see,” he murmured.

Ace, who had watched the whole thing, smiled and gave him her arm.