Author's Notes:
Peri, splinter Clara, mentioned Six. Originally posted to AO3.

She's only just met the Doctor, but Clare Oswin is certain she knows what he needs.

"Here's an idea," said Clare. "Make your friend some cue cards."

"Huh?" said Peri. She'd nearly frozen in vacuum before the other girl had picked up her and the Doctor in her space yacht, so she felt entitled not to be at her most articulate.

"Y'know, like for speeches. Except for manners." Clare mimed consulting an index card: "'Thank you so much, Miss Oswin, for your timely intervention.' It'd save you doing all that."

"I don't think he'd use them," Peri said with a yawn.

"Well, I think it's a good idea," said Clare to herself. "I shall remember it."