Author's Notes:
Five and Nyssa. Written for the prompt "Ocean life" from romanajo123/human_nature at the Merry Month of Drabbles meme. Originally posted to AO3.

Nyssa tries something new.

"It's called paddling," said the Doctor, "or wading perhaps. It's practically what the sea is for, Nyssa."

Nyssa looked doubtful. "I think perhaps the sea is for fishes to live in," she said. But she agreed to leave her shoes and socks next to Tegan (who was tanning), turn up the hems of her trousers, and give it a try.

She was just beginning to enjoy the coolness and rhythm of the water, when she felt a slight tickle on her toes. She stifled a shriek, but couldn't help jumping.

"Fish, like you said," explained the Doctor. "They're welcoming you!"