Author's Notes:
Six, Constance, and Flip. Written for the prompt "Anything you can do" from romanajo123/human_nature at the Merry Month of Drabbles meme. Originally posted to AO3.

Constance, Flip, and the Doctor share the housework.

"I don't see why we have to have a rota," said Flip. "Doesn't the TARDIS clean herself up?"

"She's a very powerful space-time machine," replied the Doctor loftily, "not a housemaid."

"I'll put you down for dusting and hoovering, then," said Constance. "Philippa, do you prefer washing up or drying?"

"Drying," said Flip, "if you don't mind washing!"

"Hold on," said the Doctor. "I've seen how you dry dishes, Flip, you just stack them in the rack."

"So?" said Flip. "They dry!"

"Very well, Doctor," said Constance, "as you're such an expert, I'll put you down for drying as well!"