Author's Notes:
Seven & Ace. Written for human_nature/romanajo123's prompt "Absconding" at the Merry Month of Drabbles meme. Originally posted to AO3.

A truly formidable foe.

Ace wasn’t sure they’d ever faced anything quite as scary as this creature: purple-faced and snarling, it held her in one powerful hand, the Doctor in another, and a massive cleaver in a third. All their attempts at stealth had not overcome its watchfulness. She squirmed, trying to reach her weaponry.

“But you must see reason,” the Doctor said desperately. “We’ve just dealt with the Great Sand Beast that was on the point of destroying your entire city!”

“That’s right!” Ace contributed, still struggling.

“Galactic heroes or no galactic heroes,” rumbled the chef, “nobody eats at my restaurant without paying!”