Author's Notes:
Liz Shaw and Clare Keightley. Written for lomelinde's prompt "Unexpected visitor" at the Merry Month of Drabbles meme.

Clare meets with her advisor.

“Come in!” said Liz, at the knock on her office door. She looked up from her notes to see one of her favorite students.

“I’m sorry, Dr Shaw,” said Clare Keightley, “I know we didn’t have a meeting scheduled, and I hope I’m not interrupting, but I’ve had the strangest experience!”

“Tell me,” said Liz, concerned at her student’s uncharacteristic agitation.

“Only I’m afraid you’ll think I’m mad, you see. It’s about—well, aliens—and—and time travel.”

“Is it, now?” Liz replied. “Perhaps I’m not so easily shocked as you think. Was it the Doctor, then, or someone else?”