Author's Notes:
Ian/Barbara. Written for sixbeforelunch as a treat in Space Swap 2022. Originally posted on AO3.

The travellers leave their mark.

One long Italian afternoon, Barbara found Ian with paint and an empty wine-jar. "What are you doing?" she said.

"Making history," he grinned. He showed her what he'd painted under the jar's broad rim: BARBARA ET IAN HIC ERANT.

"'Barbara and Ian were here,'" she translated. "Vandalizing ancient Roman artifacts?"

"They're not ancient," he pointed out. "You might as well call what we have at home ancient English artifacts—they are to Vicki!"

"Home," she sighed. "Think we'll make it back?"

"If we do," he said, "let's look for my artifact in the British Museum!"

"It's a date," she said.