Author's Notes:
Sabalom Glitz/Inquisitor Darkel. (Yes, really. Blame it on animate-mush, who told me this was the new crack ship when it came up during a conversation about Gilbert and Sullivan AUs.) Originally posted on AO3.

Sabalom Glitz is an unashamed opportunist. But is this an opportunity?

Glitz welcomed his rescue from the limbo of the Master's TARDIS. Still, the presence of the haughty Inquisitor herself was a not entirely pleasant surprise.

"Bring the human to my chambers," she ordered. "I want to... interrogate him."

Was Glitz going out of his mind, or had that been a seductive pause?

"I might have some... questions of my own, ma'am," he ventured, throwing a similar tone into the words. He didn't actually dare wink at her, but he came close.

She smiled, a thin, secret smile, but it was at him.

Well, his motto had always been "anything once."