Author's Notes:
Six and Peri, heavy angst. Inspired by a plot point in Village of the Angels (but alternate continuity from that), by way of dyonisia96's art. Originally posted to AO3.

“Peri,” he gasped before his mouth changed. “Don’t come any closer. Don’t touch me.”

She reached out to him, horrified but brave. Believing, poor girl, that her love and fidelity would be enough to save him, stop him becoming a monster.

“I won’t be in control. You must get away. The TARDIS—”

Just too late, as his voice froze into stone, he remembered Peri’s pocket mirror. That would trap him, Narcissus-like, under his own gaze. It wouldn’t save him—nothing could save him now—but Peri could get away.

Perhaps she’d think of the mirror trick herself. She had before.